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    Cara hasn’t asked me to do this but I think it’s worthwhile posting about it on here, if you join the Pleasure Panel, you’ll appreciate that Cara does a lot of work for us for nothing, she even gives us gifts that cost her money.

    If you imagine, a small parcel at the post office costs at least £2.80, that’s not even including the packaging, sellotape, pens, fuel/taxi to the post office, or the time she has spent taking pictures of all the things for us to look at.

    Cara doesn’t get paid for the items that get sent to the pleasure panel, it’s literally all off her own back … On Tuesday, I paid my regular £5.99 to Netflix, a huge corporation who have done nothing but provide me with entertainment, no prep, no personalisation, nothing and in comparison Cara does exactly the same thing but is a small business and she needs support. Whilst we have to sit and write a 300 word honest review you still get to keep potentially a really expensive toy or item to keep some of which might even be forever! One month you may not be successful in getting the item you want but in the grand scheme of things, think of the fun you’re getting in return??

    So today I signed up to be a Patron, at $5 a month. That’s £4 a month. Bearly covers anything! You can cancel it at any time, so one month you may not be able to help, but others you might but after all, who doesn’t cancel their Netflix subscription and simply forgets about it? I know I do. And you can do the same… sign up to pledge and help keep Pleasure Panel going longer and support Cara and her gorgeous family in the process, it’s simple, easy and you can even use PayPal so you don’t have to go get your debit card from your purse:




    I whole heartedly agree! It’s not just the cost of the postage etc it’s Cara’s time. She works so hard and so many of us gain so much from Pleasure Panel it’s only fair to give something back towards the running.

    My pledge is the same as Jo’s, roughly the same as buying a Costa. £5 a month is a drop in the ocean but if you can’t find a fiver just a couple of quid helps. If all the regular participants did this Cara would smash her £100 a month target.

    I really appreciate all Cara’s hard work for Pleasure Panel. Not to mention all the advice she posts on the blog. Without Pleasure Panel and Cara I’d never have found the confidence to launch my own site. I’ll always be grateful to her.

    I know times are tight but a few quid a month to keep this awesome scheme going is great value. Pleasure Panel is a fantastic community and I’ve made tons of great friends including Cara. Let’s make this a team effort and #SupportPleasurePanel.

    Debs xx


    Cara Sutra

    This almost had me in tears AGAIN today, but for all the good reasons! Just about managed not to cry all over this month’s Pleasure Panel review products!

    Thank you so much for all your help <3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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