Blog Tour: The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by Violet Blue

Violet Blue doesn't hold back, she names names when it comes to sex toys that will "melt into a puddle of chemical goo" as well as great sex toys that you should go and check out for better sex with your partner.

Saturated with Sex

...I miss out on the entire penis beaker incident as I was off cavorting with real feel dismembered parts at eroFame. Not a penis beaker to be seen over there; perhaps next year? Men would rather dunk their junk in a conveniently placed beaker by the bed, than get up and wash? Not the men I choose to hop into bed with.

MTV & Durex Announce Collaboration To Ignite Change

By Cara Sutra: The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, the world’s largest youth focused HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention campaign, and Durex, the world’s largest condom brand working in sexual health for more than 80 years, today announced a landmark collaboration, Ignite Change, to inspire young people around the world to take charge of their sexual health.

Mimi De Luxe Reveal Expert Recommended Sex Toys

Ever wondered which sex toys veteran sex toy testers would recommend? Sex shop Mimi De Luxe have revealed the latest expert recommended sex toys.

Sex News: World’s ‘biggest study of sex toys’ looks at 1 million sales at...

Lovehoney, a giant amongst sex toys shops, has recently published what has been described as ‘the world’s biggest study of sex toy sales’ and looking at the findings, it’s difficult to argue. The intrepid Lovehoney...

Event Report: Over 300 attendees enjoy Erotic World Book Day party celebrations

Erotic World Book Day was 5 March and as part of the celebrations there was an unashamedly spectacular party on Facebook. From 7pm UK time until well past midnight, every hour saw a new host share a wealth of tasty entertainment for the party attendees to enjoy. Were you in attendance? Were you one of the 325 people who came to our party? You really should have been there. With shared excerpts from some of the top names in the world of erotic fiction, cyber cocktails, sexy chat, best-dressed competitions and over £1,500 of prizes to win, this really was an unmissable adult event. Erotic World Book Day originator Emily Dubberley declared the party officially open at 7pm with an overview of the night’s festivities and the charity fundraising reasons behind the celebrations. We hoped to raise a substantial amount for sexual health and well-being charity Brook. As well as regular calls through the night for party folk to donate generously, either through the website link or text, there would be the official launch of our Erotic World Book Day charity anthology, An Intimate Education. 100% of the profit from sales of this erotic e-book would be (and still is being) donated to Brook.

Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

witter is a fantastic FREE way to reach potentially millions of people’s eyeballs – with YOUR words. I hope you all find this beginner's guide to Twitter useful. It's certainly a great social media platform for marketing! But be wary – be over zealous on the marketing and not enough on the effervescent twitter personality and people will get bored and ‘unfollow’ you – in the worst case they’ll start to complain (and we all know complaints spread much faster than compliments!). It’s all like a big game of Sims, or Theme Twitter.... They’re your people, look after them, entertain them, don’t depress them – then when they love you, use that to your advantage to SELL SELL SELL. Ha!

Cara Sutra Penetrates Uber Kinky HQ (& Starts A Dildo War)

Time for a bit of bondage - as you do in the office on Friday afternoons (don't you? Just me then) - and resident photographer Loryn was roped in as our *ahem* willing and enthusiastic volunteer. Mistress Victoria and I really enjoyed tying him up in a Shibari rope harness while plenty of photographs were taken. Taking advantage of his predicament I brandished and wielded the whip yet again. I'm going to get a reputation at this rate.

Sex News: Rocks-Off wins prestigious award at the 2014 Storerotica Awards

Northamptonshire-based adult pleasure products manufacturer Rocks-Off Ltd are continuing their successful year by winning yet another award – this time: “Foreign Manufacturer of the Year” at the 2014 Storerotica Awards in Los Angeles which made up part of the ANME trade show. Rocks-Off's Managing Director, Sue Walsh, accepted the award at the ceremony in Burbank, Los Angeles and thanked the industry for their continued support. Being recognised as a leading manufacturer on the global-stage remains very humbling to the whole team at the Kettering-based manufacturer and highlights the quality and innovation of UK manufacturers in the adult pleasure market as a whole.

New Tantus product which sold out in an hour

The Tantus' Connoisseur Harness caught my eye when I spotted it in AVN exactly a week ago. News has just broke that this amazing looking strap on harness has sold out in an hour! East Coast...

Uber Kinky launch world’s first International Male Chastity Day

International Male Chastity Day is set for February 15th, and men are encouraged to get loved up on Valentine's Day then locked up the day after, making for a spectacularly saucy weekend for perverted partners everywhere.

The Wide & Diverse World of Virtual Reality Sex

Since its release earlier this year, virtual reality has taken the electronic world by storm.  Even if you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a good chance you’ve have heard the rumblings of this great new technology.  Virtual reality is poised for big things, with lots of viable uses already putting the technology to work.

Adult Sex Ed Month: Do We Really Need Any More Sex Education?

By Cara Sutra: Adult Sex Ed Month has been created for easy and shame-free access to sex ed in adult life. June is Adult Sex Ed Month 2016 and I am very excited to be part of the campaign for more and for better sex education for adults - as well as raising awareness of its ongoing importance.

Sheets of San Francisco Sample Fluidproof Sheet Now Available

If you've been following my Twitter and reviews you'll know how much I love the Sheets of San Francisco Fluidproof Sheets. Well now, you don't have to splash out (heh) on a full sheet without so much as a feel for yourself, you can get a Sheets of San Francisco Sample in the post so you can fondle before you buy til your heart's content.

ETO Show 2014 Part One: The journey, the stand set up, and the night...

It’s my second day back in the office after the amazing 10th anniversary year of the ETO Show, the UK’s biggest and best adult industry expo run in association with the widely read industry publication ETO Magazine. My head is still spinning from the entire weekend and my legs are sore from walking around and having to be vertical for so long instead of merely transporting me between desk, coffee station, and bed. Writing up this post event report is almost too mammoth a task to imagine. The ETO Show 2014 encompasses so much news that I have actually split the report into four parts to make it a little easier to digest.

Pregnancy test style HIV testing kit for sale at Freedoms Shop

Self-testing HIV kits are now available from Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust’s (CNWL) online Freedoms Shop. The UK's first legally approved HIV self-testing kit is on sale for £29.95.

No more page 3? Don’t worry, there are plenty more boobs in the world

It's more than a little scary that if wank fodder gets taken away from a certain type of man their first instinct is to have a tantrum, call names and insult women - insult their looks mostly, for what else do women have? So who is to 'blame' for the door closing on boobs in The Sun? Most put this squarely at the feet of 'those stupid feminists'. We can assume that this refers to the Say No To Page 3 campaigners (find on Twitter and Facebook), who have certainly not made a secret of their feelings about boobs on page 3 (or indeed any other page) of The Sun. Bare breasts in the paper has been labelled misogynistic, objectifying and primitive and the campaigners tirelessly petitioned to get this feature permanently removed from The Sun. Upon hearing the announcement on the 20th January, the Say No To Page 3 campaigners were absolutely ecstatic in their triumphant celebrations.

The sex blog memes that the best sex bloggers take part in

...are there any blog memes out there specifically for sex bloggers? Which ones are worth considering for your blog? Here’s a handy list of sex blogging memes which I have compiled from the ones I’m aware of - feel free to add yours or ones you know about/take part in in the comments below.

How To Shop For Sex Toys & Write A Sex Toy Review

Buzzfeed published a piece entitled Here’s How To Shop For Sex Toys Without Being Embarrassed which was put together by Emma Cooke. This article has advice and tips on how to shop for sex toys from three experts in the world of sex toy shopping: Rose Compton from Harmony, the multi ETO award winning Renée Denyer from Sh Women’s Erotic Emporium and Eve Fifer from Ann Summers.
commissioned and personal writings from Cara Sutra

The UK’s Top 10 Best and Most Influential Sex Bloggers 2014

The term 'most influential' sex blogger is an interesting one. Influential to whom? What are we influencing through our sex blogging? Sex toys reviews certainly influence both the market for sex toy manufacture as well as readers purchase decisions. I like to think that the traditional sex blogger adds their voice to a choir which denotes an evolution of sexuality through the years, towards a more sex positive and sexuality accepting time. As more people choose to share the details of their sex life, sexual preferences and orientations and opinions about sexuality with the internet, hopefully this strong group voice becomes the 'norm' for society. We share our own experiences and opinions in a positive light. Sex is enjoyable, which is why we're blogging about it. Sure, it's not all hearts and roses, nor for many is it a 24/7 orgy. Real life happens, and that's fine too. It's realistic, identifiable for readers. Sometimes we're too busy or tired or stressed for sex. But then sex happens, in whatever form that takes for you, and it's guilt free, romantic, kinky, casual, messy - whatever your sex is for you.