Monday Morning Wank

What a fabulously sunny Monday morning! Kids are back at school, there's a smile on my face and a twinkle on various parts of my body. I was dying for a Monday morning wank.

Am I Addicted To Sex Toys? A Confession And An Experiment

The question I've been musing on over the past couple of months has two distinct elements. Am I addicted to sex toys – and is this having a detrimental effect on my sex life?

More from Daddy’s Whore

As my original Daddy's Whore Sinful Sunday was so popular, I wanted to share another couple from that set. I hope you like them. I was feeling quite nervous; I don't think I'm very good at posing even though he told me I was being a good girl.

Mid-work wank

I will need to get a bed in there at some point, I’m probably having about 80% of my orgasms stood upright. I say upright, it’s more a kind of gripping on to the towel rail, knees bent, legs spread as far as my ripped down just-far-enough knickers will allow me, squeezing my eyes closed to let the waves of fantasy and ecstasy roll over me as I fill myself with whatever shape of vibrating goodness I fancy today. Will it be a dual pleasure shape, a rabbit style, or desperately trying to hold on to a pussy vibe while grappling with a buzzing bullet for my clit? Perhaps it will be a cool, rigid, metal or glass or stone dildo shoved up deep inside, or a buzzing butt plug to tease myself with thrusting it deeper inside with my slippery fingers as the juices leak from my pussy to make a mess on my fingertips and on my soft inner thighs.

What I Want From You: From Me To Him

I’m not sure how to word this – to explain to you what it is that I want from you, what I need. Things that uncover some needs deep inside me, that I’m not even sure why they exist, but I know they do. Reading other’s experiences and desires, lusts and satisfactions I feel kindred spirits at work – a meeting of ..well, not minds, but sexuality.

Sleeping in bondage

I've had a penchant for sleeping in bondage ever since I was old enough to know what those needs are, that ache to be spanked and fucked and to masturbate in the dark of night. Those late teenage hormonal induced desires which made me aware of not only my sexual self, and the fact that I'm bisexual, but I'm also one kinky fuck who loves bondage.

Where’s Wally’s Sex Toy

By Cara Sutra: For Toy with Me Tuesday this week I decided on a red and white sex toy, the Capsula Butt Plug from the BS is Nice crew. With some clothing in the background and the Where's Wally logo I think it looks pretty good! So, Where's Wally's Sex Toy?

From tired to wired with a wink and a wank

In the last quarter of orgasm he turned me again, even while I held the bullet to my clit to finish what had started. He found that freshly fucked and messy hole and shoved his unwaning hardness inside. Fucking me while I was still in the pleasure throes, he was quite clearly getting off on my war between pleasure and pain, the forced continuity of stimulation as my orgasm tried and failed to subside. It just carried on. He wasn’t done with me until he said so.

Caught In The Act

Then we're connected. The warm tip of his erection presses against my puckered, lube-slicked hole, expertly seeking its sheath as his hands remain holding me spread. Thanks to his thoughtful, teasing preparation, the head of his cock slips inside. I feel, rather than hear, him groan above me as he fights against instant self-indulgence and forces himself to take time over his conquest.  

Kinky lovers once again

Seems we were cut a break. Carefully carrying him, we lay him down in his crib and held our breaths, expecting the indignant squeal to be emitted at any moment. But, nothing. Just even, deep...

Invisalign Blowjob: My Kinky Teeth

By Cara Sutra: Dear Daddy: When I suck your cock with my Invisalign aligners in, I get all self-conscious. I never used to be self-conscious when I was sucking your cock. But somehow, an Invisalign blowjob makes everything different.

Connection With My Lover Before Sex

I love when we have those tender private times together, those reassuring moments of intimacy. It’s so good to feel like his special girl and I know (well, hope) that he loves feeling like my special man. Our relationship is far from what you’d call standard, normal or boring, and very often it can involve other people. Not that we’re swingers – not that there’s anything wrong with swinging but it’s not us. I may have girl lovers though and he may have boy lovers; we’re both very bi.

Girl date: The first fuck is the sweetest

I spread her puffy labia with my fingers, noting the wetness of her arousal leaking out on to my fingertips. I’d waited for so long and I was finally able to taste her. Lowering my head I silently offered a quick prayer to nobody in particular that I’d be good enough, then my tongue tip flashed over her clitoris while my lips sealed a circular kiss around the edges. Not content with giving just clitoral stimulation, worried it wouldn’t be enough, I slipped first the tip of my index finger inside her cunt, then my middle finger alongside it. Slowly and gently at first, I finger fucked her while my tongue danced over and around her clit.

Kitten play fetish or Catwoman?

I have been musing recently on how some women are like cats, and some like kittens. The kitten play fetish is quite popular with those identifying as women, and puppy play more usually seen in those identifying as men or boys. There's a whole world of furry fetish fun out there in BDSM!

Peeling back the layers find a tightly bound, core of control.

How I prepare my body for my partner and sex

Do you have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos for sexual reasons? Does your lover? I did. I had a vertical clitoris hood piercing. I loved it. I took the bar out for a couple of days though (it rattles on bullet vibrators) and the hole half closed up. I want a repiercing now, a horizontal clitoris hood piercing this time. Definitely for sexual reasons. A ring and a clip on leash... rawr. Hot. I don't have any tattoos, they're not my thing (on me I mean; I love them on others). I have pierced ears and a pierced navel. Most definitely NOT for sexual reasons. Belly button sex? Um, no thanks.

Shadow of Sin

In the spirit of the June prompt for Sinful Sunday, Black and White, I have included both colour and black and white photography. As I was trying on some new lingerie for a review this week, my man and I were playing. I was teasing with my lace underwear, and I realised the light shining through made some very pretty patterns. I snapped this shot so I could share my saucy, sinful shadow!

A Satisfying Valentine’s Night

Years of memories of shared sex intimacy raced through my mind, countless kinky scenes tumbling through together, overwhelming me with instant lust. Panic blended seamlessly with trust and formed the liquid desire which escaped between my legs.  

Lesbian sex story

Suddenly she was there, enveloping me into her flesh, on to her breasts and pressing me against them... she was all sex and scent and femininity and reassurance. I curled in around her, foetal yet innately animalistic, our breaths deepening as the silence between us spoke volumes. Her arms were one around my waist to press and stroke my back and the other with fingers entangled in my hair, binding me to her tightly with a caring grip.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, Satisfied

I moaned aloud as he took me by the shoulders and drove the full length of his cock deep into my achingly hungry pussy. My slippery, soft labia were spread apart as they massaged his welcome penetration. My head turned to the side, flat on the bed as he pinned it there with his heavy hand in my hair, he rammed his cock into me repeatedly, frenziedly. This wasn't love-making. This was primitive, carnal rutting.