After Eights Sex With Chocolate Sexy Story

I love food and I love sex. Combine the two for the kinkiest, sexiest, most perverted sex. I adore it. Having admitted this fact to him, he obviously wanted to take full advantage. I love when he takes full advantage of me. Anyway. I’m not sure if I wrote about the After Eights sex with chocolate occasion that happened a few months ago?

Orgasms 30-36 and an evil 37th

Sitting up more now, to use both hands on them, mauling them and pinching them tightly to make the nerve endings send a juddering connecting all the way through my body, connecting with my clit underneath the battering of the wand vibe.

Sexy Lesbian Encounter: Cocktails And Kisses

I spent a wonderful day yesterday in the company of a beautiful, creative, artistic, wonderful woman who shall be named D. It was definitely a sexy lesbian encounter to remember.

Flesh Corset

So this week I got a new corset. You can see some quick snaps of it here on twitter. I liked the patterns on my skin after I'd kept this tightly laced corset on for...

When he touches me

We are together constantly but it seems only a few, brief snapshot moments where we share that intimacy. When we touch again, he catches my attention with his skin on mine once more; when he touches me, fingers through my hair, hand on my shoulder or round my throat, pulling me by my hips to sit on his lap or his fingers entwining with mine to give me a reassuring squeeze of his love.

What I Want From You: From Me To Him

I’m not sure how to word this – to explain to you what it is that I want from you, what I need. Things that uncover some needs deep inside me, that I’m not even sure why they exist, but I know they do. Reading other’s experiences and desires, lusts and satisfactions I feel kindred spirits at work – a meeting of ..well, not minds, but sexuality.

Topless & Blossoming for Sinful Sunday

Blossoming "He caught that look from his lofty stepladder position, as he gathered her wrists together to bind them high up in the punishment corner. Roughly removing her breasts from the violet lingerie had not served...

Bye Bye Boring, Hello Rock Chick!

Last week saw the transformation in me with new hair colour, black/red then an actual night out, to an actual pub and not even just that... an actual club afterwards - all at 6...

Sex Toy Testing, New Lingerie & Sexy Books To Read

Well... what is a girl to do with herself! If you speak with me regularly, through Twitter and Facebook updates, you will know I have been very busy recently. with writing, sex toy testing and much more.

By The Window

By Cara Sutra: He didn't care. He was going to take me right then and there, in front of the window and he didn't care who could see.

Clothed in Kink

  The things that restrain us, set us free... “I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvellous that only the marvellous has...

Peeling back the layers find a tightly bound, core of control.

Chocolate Orange Sex With Chocolate – Sexy Story

I've been fondly remembering that time we had Chocolate Orange sex. He does seem to like perverting flavoured chocolate. Perhaps it is more the fact his chocolate preferences come in such handy segment shapes to make sex with chocolate comfortable as well as fun.

Orgasms #21 through #29

It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm - or him - there's that step by step thing that happens. It's difficult to describe. My pussy tightens around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He feels me tighten around him and it makes him thrust into me even harder and with greater urgency.

Kitten play fetish or Catwoman?

I have been musing recently on how some women are like cats, and some like kittens. The kitten play fetish is quite popular with those identifying as women, and puppy play more usually seen in those identifying as men or boys. There's a whole world of furry fetish fun out there in BDSM!

How I prepare my body for my partner and sex

Do you have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos for sexual reasons? Does your lover? I did. I had a vertical clitoris hood piercing. I loved it. I took the bar out for a couple of days though (it rattles on bullet vibrators) and the hole half closed up. I want a repiercing now, a horizontal clitoris hood piercing this time. Definitely for sexual reasons. A ring and a clip on leash... rawr. Hot. I don't have any tattoos, they're not my thing (on me I mean; I love them on others). I have pierced ears and a pierced navel. Most definitely NOT for sexual reasons. Belly button sex? Um, no thanks.


I chose this photo before checking up on the monthly prompt, which happens to be 'All About the Men'. Interpret as you wish... (click on the photo for larger image)

Relationship, Work and Sex Decisions

Decisions to have anal sex at work, after hours, on cctv. Forcefully bending me over his desk, flipping up my short skirt and ripping my tights for access. Pulling aside my thong and using a lube coated finger (yes, he had lube on his desk) smeared across my hole to help guide him inside quickly.

Whirlwind of Fire

The evening passed in the usual blur where time speeds up and excitement is at a high. We got closer and closer during the evening and exchanged flirty banter and those looks. You know the ones. Curious, daring, challenging, knowing. Time was escaping us, rushing past in an echo of Alice in Wonderland madness. Swept up in her crazy hotness and wild fire we rebelled and kissed - and our lips then tongues meeting was fire to fire. The taste of not girl, but woman. Full knowledge and comprehension of actions, not some naive innocent who will later regret.

Why I won’t be sleeping in the wet patch

I know what I want to happen after sex. I want to lay together, body to hot sweaty body, post-sex heat our only blanket, clinging together in glorious love - well, mainly stuck together with the velcro of rapidly drying bodily fluids. I want it to be just like ‘in the movies’ (films, for us Brits). To immediately drift into the deep peaceful sleep of the newly-shagged, in candlelight (without any thought of the fire hazard) and wake up in the morning still clinging together. As if we were Jack and Rose. Only Jack didn't have to die and Rose let him climb on the damn door. My makeup would be absolute perfection through the night, until the sun’s rays gently woke us from nauseatingly romantic slumber. My pillowslip would most definitely not look like a clown’s washcloth. Nor would my face.