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I do love my Kindle. Plenty of perversion at my fingertips whenever I want. Plus, a Kindle.

Sinful Sunday World Cup Competition: Win a massive Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit...

The huge Fantasy by Cara Sutra Sinful Sunday bondage prize haul: A Fantasy by Cara Sutra beginner’s bondage kit in your choice of black or red Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage tape, red Lady Finger Vibrator (kindly donated by La Boudoir Boutique) Set of Vibratone Jiggle Balls (kindly donated by La Boudoir Boutique) Cherry Vanilla (-giggle-) scented Yankee Candle 2x Fantasy by Cara Sutra stickers 2x Fantasy by Cara Sutra button badges An extremely limited edition Fantasy by Cara Sutra coaster

Top tip for lubricants storage

After an unfortunate incident in my bedside cabinet drawer yesterday, including many bottles of lube, I came up with a ... well if not a solution then a damn good safeguard. A bottle of silicone...

Jersey Weekend Break

Well what a busy time I have had! Weekend going to see Pink in concert in Coventry (Ricoh Arena), then a weekend moving up to Luton for Sextoys, and just last weekend slave minnie paid for a Jersey weekend break - just a flying visit.

My Sinful Sunday prizes have arrived!

The brooch is just gorgeous and I will be trying out the nipple charms just as soon as my nipples stop being so damn sensitive!

More Sexy Heels in Today’s Post!

More sexy heels in today's post and I love them so much. Iron Fist Jen's Heart Heels: Pleaser USA Delight-662 platform stripper heels: Kurt Geiger designer Eveline heels in crimson satin: Beautiful!

Orgasms #21 through #29

It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm - or him - there's that step by step thing that happens. It's difficult to describe. My pussy tightens around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He feels me tighten around him and it makes him thrust into me even harder and with greater urgency.

Masturbation Month Update – 3-6 May

My daily masturbation has been either a play in bed with Doxy or a fiddle in the bathroom with my iGino. Over the bank holiday weekend things were very ‘family’ and relaxing, and then more family turned up yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) and staying til Saturday. So it’s quite a family kinda week. Great in some ways but trying to keep my thoughts meltingly hot and sex related when faced with family at every turn in the house is quite a challenge. I know I have family around anyway but with my kids I can somehow do the ‘turning a blind eye as a Mum’ that they’re in the next room but with my Dad staying over it’s a little different. I don’t really know why, it just is.
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Journal: Skating at the roller disco

I went to the roller disco last Friday (11 January 2013) with my partner and a few of our small people, and really enjoyed it. It's a weekly thing (allowing for illness & other...

You say it’s your birthday

These questions and answers are being posted as part of the weekly TMI Tuesday Blog Meme. This week’s TMI Tuesday theme is… Birthdays (This week's birthday TMI questions suggested by Heelsnstocking) 1. What star sign are you? Leo 2. Do you believe in...


I do love a nice bottle of Sancerre. Chilled, crisp white, with mellow notes and a strong, French backing. Parfait! This was a gift from minnie over Christmas, just opened last night. I may have to...

Post- Christmas January Diet and 2012 Plans

This week so far has seen the start of my January diet to lose the near 2 stone (yes TWO stone!! jeez) that I put on over Christmas, as well as taking down the decorations, trees, cards, garlands, wreaths... everything that had transformed the Manor from normal (well ok not exactly normal) to a Festive Wonderland.

On feeling useless

Feeling useless is just one of those feelings I get often, but now more than ever, at these times of such trials for everyone around me. They are the people I love the most and to see them suffering and being put through daily pain and torment is at times, overwhelming. I don't do emotional anxiety very well, I am far too sensitive. I'd make an absolutely rubbish nurse; I am far better at putting up defences than breaking through to become the support that so many dearly need. Probably entirely selfish of me.

The Here and Now

1. Are you wearing any jewelry? What? Right now I am wearing my bell collar and 4 black wrist bands. I usually wear rings/earrings when I go out. 2. What are you listening to now? Nothing right...

Freak Chic Kilt Pin/Brooch – Venus Flytrap Jewels

If it's different, stylish, funky and sexy jewellery you're after, look no further than Venus Flytrap Jewels. This breathtaking array of creativity is pure genius. I am so happy to have stumbled across such...

How do I make my blog or website look more professional? 7 top tips

1. Do not use wysiwyg website or blog creators! They make you look instantly cheap and tacky from the outset, as well as incredibly amateur. If you are serious about your website and presence...

Want a dungeon with a difference? The Boiler Room opens September 2014

Offering a new take on the traditional dungeon or the arguably overdone 'Red Room of Pain', The Boiler Room promises to not only revolutionise your sex life but also your flavour of kink. Filled with BDSM accessories and more hardcore bondage sex toys than you’ll find in the mainstream, The Boiler Room is a play setting as well as part of the main shop. Instead of merely offering a location to purchase products though, it will also form a beautiful place and set the appropriate atmosphere for many workshops and demonstrations of a BDSM tone.

Sex Toy Shops: Get the best free sex toy reviews for your site

I'm a great choice to review sex toys (including fetish/bondage, lubes, condoms, games and erotic books) for your company. Why? Well. I'll tell you. What is it going to cost you? Your cost price of...

Fully Fertile

With my changing body due to pregnancy I think it's healthy that I take part in photographic projects like this, building my self esteem. They help to provide a sense of self confidence and...

Why I won’t stop being a bitch

I am pretty used to being disliked or tolerated at best, with only a handful of people actually seeming to like me. Why? Well it seems most common these days to dislike someone who...