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The Hotness Of Gay Sex

There’s something about man loving and gay sex which gets my knickers twitching. It doesn’t even have to be all-out gay porn; just a simple act of romantic affection between guys on a TV show can catch my clit’s interest. When it does come down to the action, though, man-on-man sex scenes are so fucking hot. And as it’s all rather gay, I’m not really sure why I (as a woman) would find it all that hot.  

Beginner’s Guide To Silicone Sex Toys and Silicone Lubes

If you have any experience of sex toys, you will either have heard of silicone, or you may even have used it already. But really, what is silicone all about? Is there are difference between ordinary vibrators and silicone sex toys? What's the deal with silicone lube?

How I prepare my body for my partner and sex

Do you have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos for sexual reasons? Does your lover? I did. I had a vertical clitoris hood piercing. I loved it. I took the bar out for a couple of days though (it rattles on bullet vibrators) and the hole half closed up. I want a repiercing now, a horizontal clitoris hood piercing this time. Definitely for sexual reasons. A ring and a clip on leash... rawr. Hot. I don't have any tattoos, they're not my thing (on me I mean; I love them on others). I have pierced ears and a pierced navel. Most definitely NOT for sexual reasons. Belly button sex? Um, no thanks.

Being Pregnant

The glowing. The “bloom”. The joy of growing a new life. Happiness. Petals. Gazing at the world through baby-pastel coloured glasses. Having a dreamy smile plastered upon your glowing healthy face as you ponder, misty...

Report: Cara Sutra at The Erotica Show London 2013

So there I was, about to visit The Erotica Show 2013, in central London, planning to read the sauciest smut imaginable over at Lucy Felthouse's Smut by the Dock stand, with no knickers on.

Shower Scene

The whole experience of taking a shower is somewhat erotic. Stepping into the cold, tiled bathroom, almost clinical. Barefoot on the wooden floor. Wrapped in my only protection, oversized dressing gown. Hair loose, face naked,...

Daddy’s Whore

He said I'm nothing but a cheap whore, and it was about time he treated me like one. He bundled me away to some place. The room smelled of old and dust. I didn't. I smelled of need...

Wine Diva

That's me. Bought for me by the lovely Harlot, I still have to find a place to hang this. It makes me think of those shared weekends, in a depraved rampant mess all together....

Easy like Sunday Morning

I almost titled this 'Stretch Marks, Bruises and Goosebumps' but decided against it. So here we are, Easy like Sunday Morning.

Am I Too Old To Be A Sex Educator? Are My Views On Sexuality...

For some time now I’ve been harbouring a worry. Am I getting too old to correctly educate others in the ways of sexuality, gender and suchlike? My worry is that I’m coming up to 40 in a few years, and perhaps I’m just not cutting-edge as a sex educator any more.

Fine Dining

This week's TMI Tuesday has a fine dining theme! 1. Before dinner wine, aperitif, or cocktail? Champagne cocktail at the bar before dinner. 2: Appetizer? Whatever Amuse Bouche is the order of the day! Light on the palette...

Nervous when he takes my breath away

Slut-fucking, where 'slut' holds only the right amount of shame, which is none, really at all, yet when he growls it into my ear with a bite of venom in his tone there is a shudder of a pride-humiliation mix that if you've never felt it, you won't understand. Proud to be humiliated in front of him like the sex object he enjoys me being, that I enjoy being, for him. Proud to be his slut, that term of derisive loving perverted endearment; hearing him say that word only to me, only about me, his special slut, no-one else is his slut, only I.

May is for Masturbation, Blogasm 500 and Star Trek porn-gasms

I also want to track any effect on my libido and sex drive with the increase in masturbation and resulting orgasms, as I don’t usually have an orgasm every single day. Just most days. I’ll be tracking my efforts through some poly love child of #MasturbationMay, #MasturbationMonth and a revisit of my shamingly neglected Blogasm 500 orgasms project (#Blogasm500).

Post-scan update

Yes, I know... it's a little later than planned but here it is finally, the post-scan update! As you will remember, I had my first scan on Thursday (19 April). They let me know I...

Dave Gorman Shock at Ann Summers’ Jimmyjane Vibrator

The vibrator he was directing attention to in his slide show was the Jimmyjane FORM 6. I don't have one of these, but apparently Ann Summers sell them for £140, which does seem a bit steep. It must seem even more expensive to the mainstream, sex toy buying public.

Sex, sex blogging and selling your story to the press

Working and blogging in such a sensitive and already overly misinformed area of life as sexuality and the sex industry, it’s very disappointing on a personal level that someone who believes themselves to be in the same field would choose to naively speak to national press and not ensure they had full rights over what is published.

Pleasure Between Worlds: Fucking Me Awake

Moan turned to determined grunt as those well-travelled fingers pushed my hip forwards; the dawn of a quest. Index and middle finger expertly sought out the slippery wetness his attentions had generated so far. My breaths turned ragged and heavy as he slid a finger inside me, probing and testing, then another... opening me up and finger fucking me. My nipples were hard against the covers and his other arm slipped round underneath me, seeking the weight of my breasts to complete the sinful encircling.  

You ought to be in pictures

A bunch of celebrity sex tapes have been made public through fair means or foul. Have you seen any of these? Which ones? Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon Pamela Anderson and Tommy...

How do I find a Mistress or Domme? FemDom BDSM Advice

One of the main questions I come across as a BDSM Mistress is 'How do I find a Mistress or Domme?' but with messages like these, it should be obvious what not to say on your first (or any) message to a prospective Mistress or owner.

Topless & Blossoming for Sinful Sunday

Blossoming "He caught that look from his lofty stepladder position, as he gathered her wrists together to bind them high up in the punishment corner. Roughly removing her breasts from the violet lingerie had not served...