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Enjoy reading educational and enjoyable sex articles at the Cara Sutra sex blog. If you have a sex related interest, query or worry, have a look through the archives and find out more about your chosen subject. We're not shy here at CSHQ so prepare yourself for revealing takes on all aspects of sexuality. Themes covered include masturbation, dating and relationships, introducing kink into your sex life, which sex toys are best for you and gender & sexuality diversity. These sex positive articles are entertaining as well as educational, balancing a light approachable tone with an in depth look at the heart of sex and sexuality.

Lingerie Sales? Get Real

In my line of work I write a fair bit about lingerie. Lingerie descriptions, the best lingerie to wear for guaranteed seduction, the best lingerie for your body shape, yada yada. Many people buy products...

What is Erotic ElectroStimulation and How Does it Feel?

By Hella Rude Prior to my introduction to Andy at Cyrex (ElectraStim's parent company), my knowledge of erotic electrostimulation (EES) was full of holes. I had an understanding of the physics surrounding the practice and I'd certainly used EES in my work as a dominatrix but I hadn't explored electrosex beyond the realms of external sensory play. My personal experience wasn't marrying with the interesting array of electrodes I was discovering, so being the curious-minded creature I am, I got in touch with Andy in regard to reviewing some of his products.

Online Dating Commandments – Make the Best Tinder or POF Online Dating Profile

by Hella Rude If you're single and you're open to the idea of meeting someone new, chances are that you've tried online dating. When I became single 3 years ago (yikes!) I really wanted to date men. I'd been a serial monogamist for 11.5 years and all of my relationships evolved from friendships. I was curious about the chase and the evolution of cyber dating and I didn't waste a whole lot of time getting stuck in.

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Lizzie Ashworth

Hate rose in her chest, blinding her. She clamped her teeth down on his tongue, savoring a brief taste of blood as he jerked back. “Vipera!” He wiped his hand over his mouth. “You won’t win this battle, but if you wish a contest…” His big hand closed over the neck of her garment and ripped it down the front of her body. The beautiful woolen dress she had so carefully woven hung off her shoulders.

Interview with FemDom Erotica author, Alex Jordaine

The audience for my ‘Mistress’ books are by definition interested in Femdom and BDSM, want characters and a story they can really engage with, and most importantly want to be turned on by what they’re reading. I try hard not to let them down and every one of my books is as good as I can possibly make it.

Women Compare Vaginas In A Revealing Show And Tell

By Cara Sutra: Perhaps even the Stone Age man got a bit intimidated over cave paintings and phallic statues at times. Do women compare vaginas? Or is genital comparison just a guy thing?

Ageplay fetish whore for Daddy

I simply must write to share what happened last night... the best orgasm of my life, I never thought it could feel like this but giving into my/our ageplay fetish and my journey to being a good Daddy's little girl is giving me a whole new (and much more exciting) sex life.

My Top Ten Best Sex Toys For Beginners – Cara Sutra Feature for Frolicka

It can be really overwhelming shopping for sex toys when you see just how many different styles, sizes, shapes, and materials there are - but this guide should help you narrow it down so you're spending your hard earned cash wisely.

Reclaiming Your Sex Life After Having A Baby

By Mel MacFarlane: Between juggling feeds, changes, routines, weaning and play dates it’s hard to forget that you are in fact, a couple. As much as we love our children and they should absolutely be our priority, we also need to remember to work on our relationships too. After all, they also need to be nurtured.

Grow Your Mo And MOVE It For Movember

By Cara Sutra: We've just done scary, let's get hairy! Halloween has been and gone and it's November already. You know what that means: time to grow your mo. It's Movember!

Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton – 2015 Photography Project

By Hella Rude It has been a privilege to have known Emma Delves-Broughton since 2004. I had admired Emma's photography for some time and her Libidex Seasonal spread (shot on location in Bath) had adorned my 16-year-old self's bedroom walls. Such hero worship.

Tips To Boost Productivity When Working From Home

Being able to work from home seems like a dream come true for many. While working from home definitely has plentiful perks, it's also incredibly easy to form bad habits which mean your productivity ambles along somewhere just above zero. Being obligated to work in your own home environment can soon become a resented daily chore rather than providing the joyful freedom which appealed to you at the beginning. Sadly, I speak from experience.

Hedonist Six: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Hedonist Six (or simply "H") is a romance writer based in rainy England. Addicted to caffeine, chocolate and impure thoughts, she likes to write short stories and serial novels dealing with those aspects of the human condition that we all think about, yet dare not discuss openly. No-one is perfect, neither are her characters, which makes them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans. Hedonist Six an independent author, who started her career in 2012. Her work can best be described as "Uncensored Romance". The connection between the main characters takes centre-stage, but not much happens behind closed doors. Some of Hedonist's favourite words contain only four letters, yet another thing left "uncensored" in her work.

How to Have a Sexy Christmas with Your Man / Woman

Having worked in adult retail for 5 years, I'm no stranger to penning a sexy Christmas gift guide or 10. However it's fair to say most of my work focuses on product marketing, even though buying the right things for sexy time does not a master make. I could tell you which toys and lingerie I rate highest as we wrap up 2015, but if you haven't done the ground work - there's little point in your spending £$£$ on gear. As is becoming a bit of a Cara Sutra tradition, I'd like to deviate from the obvious Christmas gift guides and focus on some advice we can all get on board with.

Kinky Valentine’s Day Ideas: The Alternative Romance Of BDSM

By Cara Sutra: Hearts, flowers, wine, chocolates, greeting cards… all this and more equates to the very best in romance that you can give your partner on Valentine’s Day, to prove your depth of feeling for them. So says commercialism, anyway.

Now That’s What I Call Smart Phone Sex

We've all at one point had that urge where your partner's away on business for a few days and you're lying in bed feeling frisky just at the sound of their voice. So what do you do - give them a ring and have them talk dirty whilst you reach for the sex toy in the bedside drawer?

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Come Heather

My blog is named Come Heather (and can be found at comeheather.com). It's a play on "Come Hither," plus the term "come" implying orgasm, and my blogging pseudonym Heather. As much as a perfectionist as I am, I didn't give the name a whole lot of thought. It sort of popped in my head and I ran with it.

Your Essential Guide to Prepping for Your First Kinky Sex Session

Kinky doesn't have to mean scary! With the right preparation and the right communication, your kinky adventure will be off to a flying start. If you haven't tried anything kinky before, it can seem like a seriously scary step into the unknown. You may be worried about how you and your partner will react in this new environment, if you really want to introduce such a new element into your sex life, or just simply worried that you don't know enough to do it right. Well, look no further than our essential guide to preparing both mentally and physically for your first ever kinky experience. Yes, it can seem a lot to take in – but we will be holding your hand all the way!
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I Can’t Orgasm Through Oral Sex – Am I Normal?

By Cara Sutra: I can’t orgasm through oral sex. Or at least, I don’t orgasm through oral sex. Not yet. And believe me, I’ve practiced – a lot. I have a very patient, loving partner, and several female sexual partners over the years, and nope. An orgasm through oral sex just doesn’t happen for me.

Stampy Pants Rants: Why the fuck aren’t all vibrators waterproof?

You wouldn’t put up with non-waterproof underwear would you? That’s not even going inside your body (well ok, not unless you’re getting kinky here -ahem-) and you still want to change your undies daily and WASH THEM in the washing machine. I don’t imagine you ‘lightly spritz’ the gusset and leave it to dry, nor do you give the gusset a light clean with a wet wipe before tucking it back in the drawer. Or at least, I hope you don’t. Stay away from me. Official Stampy Pants RantSo why the fuck do we put up with non-waterproof internal vibrators?