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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Tessa Wanton

...nominated for BDSM Book Reviews Book of the Month February 2013, nominated in two categories for Sizzling PR’s awards, and holding silver stars for “The Training of Tess”, “Tessa’s Dilemma” and “Love in an Elevator” at All Romance EBooks.

My boyfriend wants me to dominate him, what do I do?

He likes the thought of me being his Mistress but I struggle knowing what this actually means and if it's a constant thing that happens within our relationship or something that can be switched on and off.

Sex Toys Every High-End Exclusive Escort Should Travel With

The adult toys industry has been constantly improving, refining and upgrading itself constantly. Reason? The demand for sex toys has been increased, so much so that exclusive escorts are looking for THE REAL STUFF to give the ULTIMATE PLEASURE THROUGH PAIN to their esteemed clients.

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Just Indecerous

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to check out this little blogger spotlight on me. My name is not actually Justin but due to dumb luck (see below) it is how I am known within the Sexblogging community. I’m a 30 year old guy that produces sex toy reviews, Vlogs and educational pieces at justindecerous.com generally in a BDSM context from a Dom’s point of view though not always.

Christmas 2011 | End of November Diary Update

It’s almost December and the weather’s turning frosty... waking up each morning to glistening fields as the view, through the bare branches of the trees, their silhouettes stark against the slate grey sky. I am enjoying this time of year though, not just because of the anticipatory excitement of Christmas, with all the hectic, manic and frenzied gift buying and Santa planning and festive food shopping that happens, but also the snuggling up and making the house warm by way of fires and layers and blankets and plate-fuls of comfort food.

Orgasms 18, 19, 20

Motivations for my masturbation have been plentiful recently. From the usual thoughts of him - as my man, partner, Dom or Daddy - to the little stable of loyal slaves I seem to have reignited, in chastity, suffering and teased, there's a lot to allow my mind to race through until that sparkling finale.

Rebecca Black – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Rebecca Black: I'm delighted to welcome the brilliant Rebecca Black into the erotic author spotlight, where she is presenting details and a teaser from her brand new book, A Taste For Three.

La Boudoir Boutique Boiler Room Opening

The weekend of the La Boudoir Boutique Boiler Room opening finally rolled around and excitement was at an all time high. I have no idea where this year’s gone, but after moving the opening date from September to November I thought it would feel like ages before the day was upon us.

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Scarlet Amor

My most popular sex blog post was about my experience dating a BDSM top who rocked my world and left a welt on my ass that didnʼt allow me to sit properly for a month. I found him on a “vanilla” online dating site, but by our second date he had me tied up, naked, hanging from the rafters in his livingroom.

When Should You Allow Your Partner To Film?

For those of us who aren't D list celebrities looking to launch ourselves on to the A list, is it ever a good idea to make a sex tape? Internet news-sites are often updated with stories of private-sex-tapes-gone-viral and revenge porn has been a hot topic on the lips of many a social commentator. Yet, when done professionally, filming a sex tape can be an exciting, intimate experience and an ever so slightly naughty way of spicing things up.

8 Top Tips for Spectacular Male Masturbation

There is nothing, repeat, nothing wrong with masturbation. It doesn't make your palms hairy, you won't go blind and your penis won't fall off. Regular masturbation is a healthy part of an adult male's sex life and there is nothing shameful about it whatsoever.

Sextrasafe – Promoting Safe Online Dating & Safer Sex

Asking whether someone has an STD isn't exactly choice first date chat material. What if there was an online service which anonymously shared the sexual health status of potential partners? That's exactly what Sextrasafe offers.

Cara Sutra Exclusive Adult Films & DVDs Offer

...explore themes ranging from spanking to S&M to rope tying basics and beyond. Indulge your fantasies and experience new levels of arousal with this erotic sexplay...

Intelligence is sexy and geek porn proves it

If we magnify the allure of intelligence in our arousing media, we begin to understand why Marvel and other comic book films, Batman, Catwoman and the rest, are so popular. It seems like there is a never ending tirade of comic book films released at the cinema at the moment, such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. It’s not merely an innocent desire to relive some shining facets of childhood; fans of these films quite often express their love of these superhero movies in a very sexual and sometimes even explicit ways. The tight costumes of the men showing rippling muscles, the low cut and impossibly provocative outfits of the women almost bypassing their special talent and thrusting them into a semi-pornographic spotlight.

Nichelle Gregory: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Nichelle Gregory: This week's erotic author in the spotlight is Nichelle Gregory (find her website here, and her Totally Bound author page) and you can find out all about this lovely author in her spotlight below. There's also a few hot excerpts to enjoy, so pop the kettle on, relax, and experience the sensual writing talent of Nichelle right here at Cara Sutra.

Happy Endings

...then lower my mouth to envelop him into the warm wetness entirely, the suction causing him to grow big and hard. Upping the speed and combining with firmer tugs on his balls and manipulating his shaft, my mouth brings him to a very happy ending every time.

The Brunette Reviews – Sex Blogger Spotlight Series

I feel as if that since last year when I started using sex toys for the first time, I've become more body confident and learned a lot about myself. Some people say they're just sex toys but to me they've helped me a lot and I feel less insecure about myself nowadays because of that.

Threesome Dos and Donts? | Sex Tips & Advice

Dear Cara: I'm a single female that's recently been asked by a couple if I'd like to join them for some fun. We all seem to be on the same wave length. So far we have all been open and honest with each other and plan to keep it that way if it does go further. I have heard good and bad stories about threesomes. How do we make sure it turns out to be a good time for everyone? Are there any threesome dos and donts?

How to have a safe & satisfying sex life when you’re single

With so much sex advice focussing on couples foreplay, how to spice up a monogamous sex life and how to keep a relationship happy, it’s easy to overlook the fact that there are plenty of sassy singles out there who want and deserve a satisfying sex life too. Contrary to popular opinion, many singles are not spending all their waking hours masturbating sadly and alone in their bedrooms while pining for the comforts that only a relationship with another person can provide.

Vanessa de Largie of The Victress – Sex Blogger Spotlight Series

This week's featured sex blogger is Vanessa de Largie - thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Vanessa! As well as writing an intriguing and revealing sex blog, Vanessa is a sex writer for some big name publications.