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Easy like Sunday Morning

I almost titled this 'Stretch Marks, Bruises and Goosebumps' but decided against it. So here we are, Easy like Sunday Morning.

The Capture

I want to share with you all today, a very hot story that was written for me by one of my submissives. I simply love the style of writing, the imagination and creativity as...

How Does Viral Marketing Work? New Social Media App Plag** Shows You!

by Hella Rude If you already think that your world is driven by social media, it's time to batten your hatches. With this newbie app, things are about to get a whole lot more viral - and it's actually a good thing.

Glass dildos and lesbian fantasies

Her knickers were saturated. She lay on the bed just stroking a fingertip over the wetness, through the flimsy material and her other hand reached up to pinch a straining with protest pink nipple. Her nerve endings seemed to be just one mass of jingling, sex shuddering, urgent need. The icy glass dildo lay next to her. She had already stripped down to basics, the trail of clothes strewn across the bedroom showing a clear line of rushed anticipation for this moment. Oh yes, the stresses of today were going to be literally melted away...

Do You Feel Guilty About Secret Sadistic Desires?

By Cara Sutra: “I’m a vicious sadist - and I secretly harbour cruel, sadistic desires.” It sounds like the opening line in some sort of therapy group for criminals, doesn’t it? However, there are plenty of people out there who have sadistic desires in a consensual, power exchange way. Do you identify as a sadist in the BDSM community? Do you ever feel guilty about your sadistic desires?

Keyholding Services: When DIY Chastity Gets Too Hard

By Cara Sutra: I've written various articles on the subject. What I get out of locking a guy up in a chastity cage. Female chastity. Slaves have written their experiences, and there are several chastity device reviews. This year, I'm focusing on Keyholding services.

How It Feels Watching Your Partner Fuck Someone Else

By Cara Sutra: How would you feel if you saw your partner fuck someone else? I guess for many the answer would be colourful variants of pissed off. Catch 5 minutes of a daytime TV chat show to watch lie detector frenzies and accusations of cheating descend into all-out battle. The reality, when we add in consent and pre-discussion, is more complex and nuanced. A partner having sex with someone else doesn't always mean they're cheating on you or that you'll feel betrayed.

Time To Confess, for Fetish Friday

By Cara Sutra: The cathedral was awe-inspiring. We'd held back from the tourist party that day, had only tagged along with the crowd to enter surreptitiously. Confession booths were such convenient places for two girls to snuggle down, confess secrets of their own and await the time when darkness within the ancient, religious building matched that of the outdoors.

Freak Chic Kilt Pin/Brooch – Venus Flytrap Jewels

If it's different, stylish, funky and sexy jewellery you're after, look no further than Venus Flytrap Jewels. This breathtaking array of creativity is pure genius. I am so happy to have stumbled across such...

Elite bloggers and why they suck

It seems to be a week for noticing trends. Well here’s another one: some bloggers seem to think they are the cream of the crop. It isn’t only that they think they are part...

Living With A Vanilla Partner When You’re Kinky | BDSM Advice

By Cara Sutra: Is this you? Are you living with a vanilla partner when you're kinky? Perhaps you need some element of BDSM to get your kicks in your sex life. If so, living with someone for whom these activities are distasteful or simply don’t feature can be hard work, frustrating and upsetting. For everyone involved.

Cara Sutra’s Top 10 New Year Sex Toys Resolutions 2014

New Year Resolutions 2014 - for my Sex Toys 1. I will not leave sex toys gathering dust under the bed. 2. I will wash all sex toys as soon as possible after use. 3. I will keep rechargeable...

Budget Guide to Cooking & Eating With Cheap, Healthy Food

by Hella Rude Teaching kids how to cook isn't a top priority for a lot of schools these days. If you haven't been taught these basic nutritional life skills and you hit hard times, you're going to struggle to take care of yourself until you learn. It's not always easy to learn to cook, especially if you don't know which ingredients you're likely to need to start with. That gets even more difficult if you have a tight budget for food and want to maximise your spend with the most meals possible.

Illicit Skills

This week's TMI Tuesday has the theme 'Illicit Skills' - so here I am, ready to confess all!   1. Do you know how to pick a lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain...

Sex news: Fancy earning £150,000? Enter Lovehoney’s new Design a Sex Toy Competition 2014

EL James, renowned Fifty Shades of Grey author, is on the judging panel, joining such esteemed industry names as Eric Kalén, founder of LELO. EL James is of course well known to Lovehoney, having worked with them to approve the official Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys collection and sensual care range. In the Design a Sex Toy Competition 2014, Lovehoney are offering a £1,000 prize to the winner of 3 categories: best sex toy for women, men and couples. A further £2,000 will be won by the overall winning design, which also receives the chance to go into production just like Trevor Murphy's Sqweel from 2009.

Sex Preparation Tips: Get Ready For The Best Sex Of Your Life

By Cara Sutra: In this sex preparation tips feature I examine 6 steps which may help to soothe those sexual activity fears and make sure you're as prepared as possible for the best sex you'll ever have.

Abbi Rode – Sex Blogger Spotlight Series

I'm single, Irish, I live in Dublin (but I'm not a Dub). I work a corporate job and hide this side of myself most of the time. I've been writing all my life but only blogging for just over a year and a half. I'd love to find a way to do this full time. I am dominant and direct in life and it's apparently a shock to find out that I'm somewhat of a submissive in bed, even if I do tend to top from the bottom.

Guest Post: What Men Really Want

This article has been kindly provided by John from Ohh My... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. -Cara   Everyone has their own fantasy world built up in their head of exactly...

Work Experience

You will put your legs apart for me, and you will place your head on your pile of clothes on the desk, and you will put your wrists behind your back, and hold yourself in that position. Do you understand?" "Yes, sir..."

Aurelia T Evans – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Aurelia T Evans: Some people prefer leaving certain intimate things to the imagination, but I’ve always liked knowing what happened behind the curtains, and my erotica journey has taken me behind many.