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Kinx Extender Duet Hollow Strap On Harness & Dildo Set – Guest Review

Materials: Elastic, Metal, PVC

By Jon Pressick
Reviewing the Kinx Extender Duet Hollow Strap-on has been an adventure, not one I’ve entirely enjoyed, but one that I am really glad I took. The thing is, I was completely intrigued by the toy because it is just so different, so unique and so… odd. Unfortunately, that oddness is what made toy one that I’ll never use again.

Kinx The Penetrator Strap On Harness & Dildo – Pleasure Panel Review

Materials: Elastic, Metal, PVC

By Ishmael
We eagerly opened the parcel containing Kinx The Penetrator Strap On Harness & Dildo Set and Mrs Ishmael removed it with a salacious expression on her face. The “cock” is of fairly average length but thick made to look like a real cock with head, veins etc. Not my personal cup of tea but as I wouldn’t be seeing much of it then not a problem either. The harness is of elasticised bands for waist and between the thighs, so the idea being it will stretch to fit. It looked reasonably well made and the “cock” was solid but flexible. We looked forward, eagerly to using it.

Simply Pleasure Minx Eclipse Bullet Vibrator – Guest Review

Materials: Plastic

By rwoo
When I first opened the packaging I was a little worried as the plastic of the Minx Eclipse Bullet Vibrator felt thin and honestly low quality. However, the power and performance of the toy minimized those worries! I guess a concern may be the longevity of the toy, but for now I am happy!

Simply Pleasure Minx Mini Bunny Finger Vibrator – Guest Review

Materials: TPE

By Domina Doll
Minx Mini Bunny Finger Vibrator
I so wanted to like this toy. It looked so cute, and seemed so simple, really how could it go wrong?
Unfortunately there was nothing about this product that I did like.
First of all, material. It is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) which is basically rubber.

Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg Review | Pleasure Panel

Materials: Plastic

I got this lovely vibrating gift of happiness as part of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel and it originated from the lovely people at Simply Pleasure. The first vibrating egg I’ve tried out and that’s no yolk. Yeah, sorry, I can’t resist a pun. I like that you don’t have to shell (groan) much out for this eggcellent toy. So, let’s crack on.

Simply Pleasure Minx Simplicity Bullet Vibrator – Pleasure Panel Review

Materials: Plastic, Silicone

By Carnal Queen
I really love bullet vibrators, which is no surprise, because a clitoral orgasm is by far the easiest for me to achieve. I can be lazy sometimes when it comes to masturbation, I want to be able to grab something which is quick and efficient at getting the job done, and bullet vibrators often fit that bill beautifully. I was looking forward to giving this Minx Simplicity Bullet a go, because it looks fab and has some neat little benefits given it’s size and price point, but does it leave me quivering and breathless …?

Simply Pleasure Minx Mini Jack Rabbit Vibrator – Guest Review

Materials: Jelly

By Joanne’s Reviews
I absolutely love rabbit vibes and so I jumped at the chance to review this cute little one for Simply Pleasure and Cara. Whilst it doesn’t have all the features of a full sized vibrator and only has one speed I found myself really enjoying it.