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Penthouse Variations on Anal, Erotic Book Review | Pleasure Panel

Amazon, Cleis Press
An erotic collection of stories by the sexperts at Penthouse Variations magazine, PENTHOUSE VARIATIONS. This review is for the paperback version of the Penthouse Variations on Anal book.

Penthouse Variations on Oral from Cleis Press – Pleasure Panel Erotic Book Review

By Angel R Rivera / gypsylibrarian Got a little erotica reading done recently with Penthouse Variations on Oral. This volume is by the editors of Penthouse Variations. Now, I will admit that I have not read Penthouse or Penthouse Variations for some time, a deficit I need to remedy down the road. I do enjoy erotic tales featuring oral sex, so I looked forward to reading this new volume. I have to say that this collaboration with Cleis Press was a pleasant reading experience.