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Festive Fiction: The Best Christmas Gift Of All

By Mel MacFarlane:
I knelt on the floor giggling and listened intently to the soft rustle of paper as he moved swiftly around the room. His normally heavy footsteps surprisingly light as he navigated his way around me, hoping that I wouldn’t hear. Over my eyes the blindfold pressed firmly against my skin, allowing only a small chink of light to highlight his large black boots.

Merry Kinkmas! A Sexy Christmas Story from Voluptasse

‘He came back with a scarf which was taken from a snowman in the garden and some large sprigs of holly. Lee wrapped the scarf around my head and took some miniature pegs from the Christmas card holder around the fire. He fastened two pegs to my nipples and told me to bend over and hold my ankles.‘
The officer shifted in his seat and moved closer into the table. Does he have an erection? wondered Kerry, stifling a giggle. The officer silenced her with a glare and gestured for her to continue.

A Sexy Night Owl on the Prowl

Maria smiled. Anal sex was something that she loved and she told the client that her back door was all his. She slipped out of her dress, exposing her high, firm breasts. As she bent to take off her shoes, her gorgeous, round ass was in full view of the eager man. She parted her cheeks with her hands to show him her puckered hole, and traced the rim with a red lacquered fingernail. Her sexy date moaned in anticipation.

Maria grasped the man’s hand and led him to the bed. As he laid back the sexy, Latin girl removed his pants, freeing his hard, straining cock. She ran her pointed tongue up the firm shaft of his cock, and lapped at the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Guest Halloween Erotica: His Parting Gift, by Melissa MacFarlane

Greedily, I grabbed his throbbing, powerful cock. Desperate for him to give me a sweet release but he shook his head and whispered gently ‘I watched you wait for me every night.’ Another kiss, travelling down towards my navel ‘I watched you cry, I watched your desperation and I witnessed your hope.’ I gasped as his lips passed my naval and travelled further towards my cunt ‘Now, let’s make the most of our short time together’. He plunged his eager tongue directly only my soaking wet pussy and began to tease my clitoris with achingly slow laps of his tongue, causing me to scream out in hot desperate moans.

Alternative review of the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Beginner’s Bondage Kit, by Girl on the Net

We all know about ropes and floggers and cuffs – they feature not just in porn but in most erotica, in sex tips and magazines and That Book. But while it might be easy to ask your partner if you can handcuff them because you’ve seen this one tip in Cosmo, it could be a hell of a lot harder to explain the thrill of an actual power exchange. Of you giving yourself over to them, or them to you, to be led and moulded and treated and punished and all the things I personally love about being at the collar end of that strip of leather.

You might not like that kind of thing, of course. But judging by how even a couple of my vanilla friends were keen to put it on, and be playfully led from sofa to garden, back to the sofa and straight onto my lap, it’s certainly intriguing to many. And not just in a giggly ‘oh we’ve had too much wine and sex toys are funny’ way, in an ‘ooh, I think I could get to like this but I’m not sure I’d admit it when sober’ way.

Guest Post: Dirty Little Numbers – Erotic Flash Fiction (Free excerpt)

…readers can expect the most erotic Brazilian waxing they’ve ever seen, a seduction by a lesbian Lolita, and a sex worker with a surprise up her skirt, who expects to be paid with “150 red roses.” Yes, the super-short stories in Dirty Little Numbers take the readers to new erotic realms. But be warned: if you like your erotica cosy and safe, this isn’t the book for you.