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“I couldn’t disguise the sexual hunger I felt as I admired her gorgeous breasts. Perfect shape, size… and her small pink nipples already hard and puckered. I lowered my head as she raised hers and took one of her nipples between finger and thumb, rolling it gently between them, as my tongue swirled over the bumpy areola of the other. The flat of my tongue first, then the tip flicking quickly for maximum sensation. Then swapping sides and rolling her now wet nipple between my fingers as I sucked and lapped at the other. The moans she was emitting above me were spurring me to continue…”
– Read more in Girl Date: The First Fuck Is The Sweetest

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#FetishFriday Living the kinky life… 24/7

I love being able to live kinky, 24/7. Not only just as part of a kinky household that all enjoy some element of Fetish...

Blissful Candlelit Climax

I enter the bedroom, to be greeted with the low lights of candles, flickering gently and casting their eerie but romantic haze over the...

Object of Desire: Does Sex Equal Affection For Me?

I would normally blog coherently and intelligently at this juncture, however I seem to have lost all capability for coherent thought due to feeling like an object of desire, and wondering does sex equal affection for me?

Thirst Quenching: A Cock Sucking Sex Story

I grasp you, both hands round your warm form, almost cylindrical. Rigid and yet so giving all at once. Teasing your opening there with the tip of my tongue, knowing how much you are eager to pour yourself down my thirst parched throat. My lips part to allow you access. I use my hands to guide you in, moistening you with the juices of my own anticipation.

Are There Any Cheap Sex Toys For Couples To Use Together?

We've been looking for some sex toys my man and I can use together for some time now. The We-Vibe family and the LELO Tiani styles are all very well but a little expensive for us right now. Aren't there any cheap sex toys for couples to use together or are we destined for side by side masturbation if we want to use toys?

My Man Has No Interest In Sex. Should I Cheat?

At first I thought my man was really into me, but as time progresses he seems to have less and less interest in sex. It's not as though I think he wants other women, he just doesn't instigate anything sexual at all. I want to show him what he's missing out on. As he has no interest in sex should I cheat?

What I Want From You: From Me To Him

I’m not sure how to word this – to explain to you what it is that I want from you, what I need. Things that uncover some needs deep inside me, that I’m not even sure why they exist, but I know they do. Reading other’s experiences and desires, lusts and satisfactions I feel kindred spirits at work – a meeting of ..well, not minds, but sexuality.

The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment

The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment By Cara Sutra The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment: It was a long day. We finally crawl through the door and...

The Awakening, A Captured Sex Moment

It has been for some time now that I have so wanted to have a passionate awakening, to wake up with his cock already inside me, wanting me so badly that he cannot even wake me first, or perhaps it is that I am just a sex doll to be used and uncared for, treated harshly because I like such perversions. Not bothering to wake me first. Just caring for how I can best provide him with pleasure, used for his amusement and stimulation, my body nothing more than a toy to be played with.

Daddy Doms and Little Girls

This moved me to tears - I hope it goes some way to explain this truly beautiful D/s relationship. I've long been fascinated by Daddy Doms and little girls.

Carnal Needs

We are together constantly but it seems only a few, brief snapshot moments where we share that intimacy and our carnal needs. When we touch again, he catches my attention with his flesh to mine once more; fingers through my hair, hand on my shoulder or round my throat, pulling me by my hips to sit on his lap or his fingers entwining with mine to give me a reassuring squeeze of his love.

Bathroom Sex

He is fucking me passionately, no words between us, not this time. Knowing certain things remain forbidden he exits swiftly and quickly wipes a sucked finger over my ass, that which he likes to do dirty things to, making me an anal whore for him, needing more, feeling like I can cum just from him thrusting into me there, that sacred place.