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Blogging Advice

at the Cara Sutra Sex Blog

blogging advice at Cara Sutra sex blog pagesWhether you’re a sex blogger, beauty blogger, sex toy reviewer or other type of blogger, you can find useful blogging advice right here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

What do you know about SEO (search engine optimisation)? How about the best way to use images on your blog? What exactly is meta data and what are alt tags? Which are the best plug-ins to use with your blog? How do you go about setting up and then using social media accounts to best promote your brand and your blog? These questions and more are covered in this blogging advice area of my own blog.

There are articles for sex bloggers at all stages of their blogging journey, from before you even have a blog or pen name through to how to get sex toys to review (if that’s what you want to do), which blogging memes are available for you to take part in each week and how to sell advertising on your sex blog.

Some excerpts from blogging advice articles at Cara Sutra:

Secrets of Successful Sex Blogging

Connect with people who mention you, and don’t be afraid to delve into conversations online which interest you. Share what’s happened in your day, as long as it doesn’t cross your personal anonymity level. Describe your small frustrations and happiness at any small success. All of this, on a regular basis and between your automated updates, will help you make friends and establish you as a real person with shared interests to others in the sex blogging and writing community.

On Anonymity and Sex Blogging

Do you have concerns about your anonymity as a sex blogger? It’s understandable if so. Often there is more at stake than just consequences to yourself – what your family and friends will think if/when they find out, for one – and many sex bloggers have their own children of varying ages and access to the internet. It is not a decision to be taken lightly and without thought. 

A Blogger’s Guide To Using Images On The Internet

Images on the internet all have varying levels of copyright and acceptable use. Some images are allowed to be used along with appropriate accreditation, including those covered by the Creative Commons licence. Others are free to use without any attribution at all. You will find many beautiful images on the internet which you’re not allowed to use on your blog or elsewhere, as they are protected by the owner’s copyright. So… just because you’ve found the perfect image through Google Images, Flickr or elsewhere doesn’t mean you can pop it on your blog and everything’s hunky dory.

Do you have a question about your blog you’d like to see answered in this blogging advice area? Please contact me and I’ll fit it into my writing schedule.

How To Make Money Testing Sex Toys  

How Can You Make Money Testing Sex Toys? Could Sex Toy Reviews Ever Pay Your Bills? There are a few avenues you can explore if you'd like...

When Explicit Photos Are A Breach Of Consent

Working in the adult industry I see my fair share of explicit photos. Dick pics: amateur and porn star. Naked breasts: pendulous to Parisienne. Spread vulva: hairless to hirsute. I follow blogs and social media where imagery from artistic nudes to hardcore porn are welcomed, celebrated and shared. So why do some explicit photos anger me so much? Well sometimes, explicit photos are a breach of consent.

How Do Sex Bloggers Get Free Sex Toys To Review?

Although not every sex blogger wants to write about or even use sex toys, they remain a popular topic in the sex blogging world. The vast array of designs and styles makes them interesting and collectable - plus, of course, they're fun to use! Testing then reviewing sex toys also gives you something else to write about at your new blog. It's no wonder that many new bloggers soon ask the question, "How do sex bloggers get free sex toys to review?"

Social Media For Sex Bloggers: Which #SocMed Is Best?

Social media is an effective route to take when trying to get word of your new blog out to the world. It's often a blogger's biggest source of traffic before they become established in search engine rankings. So, once you've created your new sex blog, how do you get started in the world of social media?

Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To Be Self-Hosted?

In the last part of Sex Blogger School, where I explained how to set up your new sex blog, I mentioned that it's best to self-host your sex blog. What does being self-hosted mean? And why is it so important?

How Do You Start A Sex Blog? I Want To Be A Sex Blogger!

Now you've made the decision to step into the world of sex blogging, it's time to look at how you start a sex blog. It might seem easy enough to simply create a Blogger or Wordpress, but I want to share some tips that will help you step into the blogging world with confidence.

Could I Be A Sex Blogger? What Should I Write About?

Welcome to my new Sex Blogger School series! I get asked a lot of questions about being a sex blogger, and about sex toy testing, so I’ve decided to share some of those answers with you here at the blog.

A Rant About Rants: Venting On Social Media

By Cara Sutra: I believe we all know people that we genuinely like – but wow, their social media updates really push our buttons. I know I do. And if you’re thinking it’s you, it’s probably not you. I’m talking about people who seem to spend the majority of their time venting on social media. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s Twitter, Facebook or any other social media (does anyone even bother putting text updates on any other social media platform?) – their feed is just vent after wail after whinge after whine.

Social Media Filters & Other Ways To Stay Calm On Twitter & Facebook

By Cara Sutra: Social media can be intense at the best of times. As this certainly isn’t the best of times, social platforms have fast become hot hubs of fear-mongering, panic and the high emotion that comes with them. For those who need to use social media like Twitter & Facebook as part of their job – or those who just have the 21st century addiction – it can be near impossible to visit socials and remain unaffected by the constant stream of negativity.

Despair Over The Stench Of A Presidential Trump

By Cara Sutra: Shocked. Devastated. Emotionally drained. Physically wiped-out. Like many other people, I’m feeling the effects of a particularly grim year. We’ve lost so many creative, courageous and inspiring people from the world of media and the arts. The world barely has time to move on from one catastrophic happening before another tragedy, natural or man-made, strikes, bringing death but also terror and fear-inspired divisions among those left alive.

Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains

By Cara Sutra: The big news this week has got to be Lovehoney’s move from Paid on Results affiliate platform to Webgains. This was a huge blow for many affiliates, who like myself have written numerous posts and reviews containing PoR links – as well as all the social media updates out here containing PoR links too. Once the Paid on Results Lovehoney programme ends, those links will all be broken – leading nowhere, affecting blogs, readers, traffic numbers and of course, affiliate commissions.

You Don’t Have To Pay Creative Freelancers Who Love Their Job (& Other Bullshit...

By Cara Sutra: Inexplicably, when you’re freelance/run your own business/work from home/work in a creative niche such as professional blogging, copywriting or marketing, some businesses feel that paying you for your work is just an option, not a requirement. Requesting payment for skilled creative work such as marketing and copywriting can give rise to attitudes anywhere from surprise and reluctance, to offence and flat refusal.