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Mel MacFarlane is an experienced adult industry copywriter, product reviewer and business consultant. You can find her at her own leading sexuality magazine, Voluptasse. You can also follow Mel’s work on Twitter and Facebook.

General Erection 2017: How To Enjoy Great Sex Despite A Politics Clash

How To Have Great Sex With Your Partner Despite A Politics Clash With the United Kingdom General Election 2017 fast approaching, tensions are high - particularly...

Should You Ever Have Sex With An Ex?

By Mel MacFarlane: A break up can trigger many different emotions. Some people may feel relief whereas others are heartbroken. After all, it isn’t just the breakdown of the relationship, but your future plans together too. Despite this, many of us still find it hard to resist the temptation of slipping back between the bedsheets with an ex - but why?

How To Turn A Reluctant Partner Into Christian Grey

By Mel MacFarlane: For those who are enchanted by the romance between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, a reluctant partner proves somewhat of a challenge. My inbox is full of disappointed lovers hoping for the Christian Grey bedroom experience, but struggling with their hapless partner who is quite clearly feeling the pressure.

Fifty Shades Darker Film Review

By Mel MacFarlane: I spent all of last week rereading excerpts from Fifty Shades Darker. For our industry this series has created lots of business and done some really great things in terms of acceptance for those who practice BDSM.

Festive Fiction: The Best Christmas Gift Of All

By Mel MacFarlane: I knelt on the floor giggling and listened intently to the soft rustle of paper as he moved swiftly around the room. His normally heavy footsteps surprisingly light as he navigated his way around me, hoping that I wouldn’t hear. Over my eyes the blindfold pressed firmly against my skin, allowing only a small chink of light to highlight his large black boots.

How To Gift Lingerie She Loves For Christmas

By Mel MacFarlane: As a woman, I love opening expensive new lingerie on Christmas morning (hint, hint). I love the thought of my other half lovingly choosing the delicate fabrics, admiring the cut of the soft lace and his face as he dreams of me wearing it. I picture him assertively flicking through the hangers, and the final eureka moment when he spies the perfect garment to emphasise my long legs, disguise my saggy tummy and deliver a cleavage to die for.

Is Social Media Destroying Your Relationship?

By Mel MacFarlane: I know about your kids and the names of all your family pets. What I don’t know, is whether my husband has had a nice day. Until I check his Facebook status…

10 Reasons To Become A Sex Toy Tester

By Mel MacFarlane: I began a brand new business venture and declared that I couldn’t write about sex toys forever. However, when push came to shove, I found that I couldn’t walk away from sex toy reviewing because it’s a part of my life that I absolutely love.

Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) – Pleasure Panel Review

By Mel MacFarlane: The Seven Til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) was sent to me from Cara Sutra as part of the Pleasure Panel Reviews. The stocking was free, in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

Reclaiming Your Sex Life After Having A Baby

By Mel MacFarlane: Between juggling feeds, changes, routines, weaning and play dates it’s hard to forget that you are in fact, a couple. As much as we love our children and they should absolutely be our priority, we also need to remember to work on our relationships too. After all, they also need to be nurtured.

Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book Review – Pleasure Panel Review

By Mel MacFarlane: Always one to champion the sex positive, I have been a follower of the Kinkly website since I launched Voluptasse several years ago. For those who haven’t heard of them, Kinkly are one of the ‘go to’ websites for anything you need to know about sex. They also have the much coveted Sex Top Bloggers list, in which they showcase some of the world’s best loved sex bloggers and writers (yes I am on it, I have checked).

Sex Games to Spice Up Your Sex Life

By Mel MacFarlane One of the reasons that I am a huge advocate of sex games, is that games such as Fifty Days of Play take away the predictability of foreplay and add something a little different into the mix. For those who are still a little shy in the bedroom, sex games offer a really good solution in terms of spicing things up without having to be too forthcoming.

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Couples Vibrator Pleasure Panel Review

By Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse During use, the Jimmyjane Hello Touch Couples Vibrator emits a powerful vibration but this is whisper-quiet so I found it to be very discreet. With a small amount of water-based lubricant on each finger pad, the powerful vibration gets to work immediately and produces some great results. Because I was using my fingers, this enabled me to pleasure myself at my own pace, using the same strokes and techniques I’ve always enjoyed, but with a buzzy little twist. The results were intense!

How to find subspace together this Valentine’s Day

Whether you agree with Valentine’s Day or not, February always brings out the romantic side of a relationship. Whether you bring your partner home a bunch of flowers, or you prefer to cuddle on the sofa with a takeaway and a film, it’s a time to celebrate your ‘togetherness’. For couples in a BDSM relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great reason to lock the door, dig out your collection of kinky treats and find subspace together.

Lovehoney Bodystocking (Long Sleeve Fishnet Crotchless) – Pleasure Panel Review

By Mel Macfarlane / Voluptasse Although this Lovehoney Bodystocking has been discontinued since this product was sent for review, they do have a wide selection of Lovehoney Bodystockings on the website and, at the time of writing, a special offer of 2 bodystockings for £20.

Merry Kinkmas! A Sexy Christmas Story from Voluptasse

‘He came back with a scarf which was taken from a snowman in the garden and some large sprigs of holly. Lee wrapped the scarf around my head and took some miniature pegs from the Christmas card holder around the fire. He fastened two pegs to my nipples and told me to bend over and hold my ankles.‘ The officer shifted in his seat and moved closer into the table. Does he have an erection? wondered Kerry, stifling a giggle. The officer silenced her with a glare and gestured for her to continue.

STR8cam Lube – Spunk Lubricant – Pleasure Panel Review

By Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse Hailed as a creamy personal lubricant which looks just like spunk, Str8cam lube uses a unique formula which promises to deliver long lasting results without harmful chemicals. Sent to me as part of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel reviews, the Str8cam Lube was free in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

Sh Curved G Spot Vibrator – Pleasure Panel Review

By Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse As you know by now, I am a great fan of clitoral stimulation and have a well documented struggle to find a product which can ‘get me off’ without pressing the magic button. Therefore, when Cara Sutra sent me the Sh Curved G Spot Vibrator for her Pleasure Panel reviews, I knew that I needed to keep an open mind when reviewing this product.

Strap On Sex Tips: How A Woman Can Get Pleasure From Pegging

For those who haven’t heard of it before, pegging involves a heterosexual (or bisexual) man being anally penetrated by a female wearing a strap on dildo. Described as one of the most fulfilling and intimate experiences that a couple can engage in, pegging and harness play is a practice which continues to go from strength to strength. During pegging, the focus often centers on the pleasure of the male recipient. However, in this article I’d like to focus on female pleasure too.

Minx Aqua Silks Vibrating Egg With Wired Remote Control – Pleasure Panel Review

Plastic, PVC
By Mel Macfarlane, Voluptasse Over the years, I have built up a considerable collection of vibrating eggs but so far none have quite managed to ‘hit the spot’, probably because I prefer clitoral stimulation to G Spot titillation. Nevertheless, when Cara Sutra asked me to review the Minx Aqua Silks Vibrating Egg for the Pleasure Panel, I agreed in the hope that this would be the product that finally rocks my G Spot.