Cara Sutra FAQ


How old are you?
Where do you live?
Where did your name come from?
Who is your favourite music artist?
Why did you decide to start a blog?
What’s your erotic writing/adult industry experience?
Is it true you’re a Mistress?
How do you find time for everything?
I want to put your banner on my site. Do you have any I can use?
I’d like to contribute to your work. How can I send you a gift?



Where do you get your ideas from?
What qualifies you as a sex blogger or sex toy reviewer?
How long have you been blogging?
Do I really need to use social media?
Which social media is best for bloggers?
How much should I charge for advertising?
Does Page Rank or Alexa Score really matter?
What’s the difference between follow/no follow links?
Do I really have to buy my own domain and/or be self-hosted?
Which is the best host for sex blogging or other adult content?


How can I get free sex toys to review?
Should I agree to let a company approve my review before publication on my site?
A company is asking me to edit my review so it’s more positive about the product. Should I change my review?
I love the company who sent me this product, but I hate the product itself! Help?
It’s great to put my review in as many places as possible, right?
Should I put my product review on a company’s website if it was actually sent to me by a different company?
Should I be charging anything for product reviewing?
I want to earn a bit of cash from reviewing adult products. How do I go about this?
What’s the best way to use affiliate links in adult product reviews?
When and where should I use follow or nofollow links in product reviews?
Do I really need my own blog to be an adult product reviewer?
How do I cope when I have too many products to review?
How can I put a guest review on
When can I review your new bondage kit?


Companies and advertisers

What advertising options do you offer?
How much do you charge to write an article? Do the costs vary whether it’s on your site or ours?
How much do you charge to put up a post we write ourselves?
Can we send you a guest post to publish that’s already been published elsewhere?
Can we buy a text link, please?
Do you charge for your product reviews?
Can we send you a product to review? How do we go about this?
Will we be able to check the product review before it goes live on your site?
Can you guarantee us a positive review?
We want you to write something nice about us! Can you do this?
We send you a free product to review and you didn’t like it. Can you take your review down please?
Can our company have straight/non-affiliate/follow links in your product review please?
How can our company get straight/follow links to us, from
Have you ever worked for a sex toy company?
Will you work for our company?
We want to hire you as a consultant, to give advice to our company. How do we arrange this and what are the costs?
Can our company run a competition at
We want you to tweet about our company/retweet our company tweets to your followers. You’ll do this for us, right?
Do you offer any discounts on the services you offer?
We want to stock your new bondage kit. Can you give us more information about it, please?

– Cara Sutra