Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains

The big news this week has got to be Lovehoney’s move from Paid on Results affiliate platform to Webgains. This was a huge blow for many affiliates, who like myself have written numerous posts and reviews containing PoR links – as well as all the social media updates out here containing PoR links too. Once the Paid on Results Lovehoney programme ends, those links will all be broken – leading nowhere, affecting blogs, readers, traffic numbers and of course, affiliate commissions.

Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains

The email I received from Paid on Results, at 16:54, 31st October 2016

My personal feeling is that although this is a good move from Lovehoney’s point of view – ability to have a global affiliate scheme, pay out less % commissions plus other business benefits – for bloggers the timing couldn’t have been worse. To announce a change like this which leads to less £ in hard-working bloggers’ pockets, and at the start of November to boot, was very disappointing.

A quick scan of my website revealed I have 5-600 posts/reviews which contain at least one Paid on Results link to Lovehoney. There’s no way I’d have the time, energy or inclination to change all of those over to Webgains links, even if it wasn’t November and even if the commission wasn’t (eventually, after the initial bonus % for changeover) going to be so low. The % commission rate at Paid on Results was 16% rising to 21% for sales over £500; at Webgains the % will be as low as 10-13% after their initial higher % incentives as detailed on Webgains.

Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains

After speaking to my wizard-like techy partner, Darren, he wanted to help. After looking at the PoR links and the Webgains links, he announced he could make a plug-in to automatically change all the links over for me. It was no small feat, taking him most of the day to code, but eventually he got there and has created the URL ReWriter plug-in for WordPress. All my PoR links now show as Webgains links, all heading to the same Lovehoney page whether product, brand, offer or any other type.

Because I know what a headache this would be for bloggers, I don’t want anyone to manually change over their links unless they must. If you’re on WordPress then you will be able to purchase and install this new plug-in and follow the instructions to get your links changed from PoR to Webgains for Lovehoney links.

Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains

You can read more about the URL ReWriter plug-in by Darren at his blog here, and email him here for more information.

There is a nominal fee if you would like to be sent the plug-in – it costs just £10 (payable by Paypal or bank transfer) which goes towards his hard work and talents creating it for the benefit of bloggers.


Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains

This post contains affiliate links (ironically)

2 Responses to “Lovehoney Moves Affiliate Scheme From Paid on Results To Webgains”

  1. SexToySutra

    Smart idea on the URL re-writing plugin. We use import feeds so going to handle most of it that way aside from the inpost ones which we have a redirector ready to apply. I do agree though that…

    1) The stupidest timing with it being close to black friday AND Christmas
    2) The new terms are poor compared to before, especially the cookie period as many customers come back way after 30 days.
    3) Their affiliate platform STILL won’t be global, I asked, the US they have no plans to move from shareasale.

    Shame, makes you want to dropship!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Joyce Hardin

    I had similar problem when Crystal delights decided to close their inhouse affiliate program. I had to find sex shops that are selling their toys and replace all links. Luckily I used pretty links plugin, so replacing all links was a bit quicker, but still pain in the ass.


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