July 28 2014 Update

Please note the originating company for this competition has disappointingly closed their website and social media profiles midway through this and all their other competitions and promotions. To say I am unimpressed is an understatement. However you can rest assured that the prizes will still be sent to the eventual winner of this competition, so you don’t have to worry.

The Competition

midnight play competition

In this new fantastic Cara Sutra competition you can win a selection of anal sex toys and associated items which make up the perfect anal sex toys beginner’s bundle.

This amazing prize bundle contains:

Liquorice Dip Set of Three Black Butt Plugs (RRP £17.99)

Easy to use Anal Douche (RRP £7.99)

100ml (3.6oz) bottle of Wet Uranus water based anal lube (RRP £11.45)

That’s an overall RRP value of over £37!

How would I use these anal sex toys?

Top Tips

Whether you’re curious about or wary of anal sex, sex toys and stimulation, or a bum fun veteran, this bottom based bundle will comfortably hit the spot.

liquorice dip triple set butt plugs midnight play

The triple set of Liquorice Dip butt plugs helps you determine where in the anal stimulation process you are, which is useful if the variety of butt plug sizes and shapes available overwhelm and confuse you. The sizes included are:

Small: 4″ x 0.75″

Medium: 5″ x 1.25″

Large: 6″ x 1.75″

midnight play anal douche

Before you use your new butt plugs, there’s a couple of preparation tips to help you sail smoothly towards anal fulfillment. Using the anal douche, swirl water inside your anal area to ensure you’re as clean as possible. This minimises an overly messy clean up after the fun. Secondly, pop open the best selling Wet Uranus anal lube and lubricate both yourself and the smallest of the butt plugs. If you’re a complete newbie to anal sex toys it can help to squat for the first time inserting. Take things very slowly, do not rush. Women may find that it helps to stimulate their clitoris while gently inserting the plug, while men may wish to engage in some manual masturbation of their penis.

wet uranus water based anal lube midnight play

Once the widest part of the plug is inside you, the rest should slide in easily until stopped by the flared base. Ta-dah! Anal achievement unlocked.

Remember, only use sex toys with a flared base in your bottom, as unlike inside the vaginal area, sex toys can be sucked up completely into the body through the anal canal to the rectum. After using sex toys you should wash them thoroughly and use some anti bacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure optimum hygiene levels.

What’s the small print?

This exciting competition is open from Saturday 19 July at 10am and ends on Monday 4 August at 8pm.

This competition is open to UK residents only.

For all other small print and T&C, see the widget below.

Ok, so how do I enter?

It’s easy. You have several ways to gain entries as well as options to increase your number of entries on a daily basis until the competition ends.

Good luck everyone!

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29 Responses to “Competition: Enter to win a fab free anal sex toys starter kit from Midnight Play”

  1. Chris

    That would be a great addittion to our toy box

  2. Jeremy Rance (@jezrance)

    Triple Penetration…. thats ambitious 😉 but fun

  3. sandy

    I have to enter this for both me and my husband , he can use the large plug and i’ll use the smaller . as he is a little more relaxed in that department

  4. John Patterson

    Would love to try these out

  5. John Patterson

    just noticed I can’t win UK only

  6. Hargow Wong

    I want them!

  7. edn

    Graded fun – and graded clean fun too!

  8. james wright

    hopefully it will give the wife some happy times 🙂

  9. Geoff Fortt

    Count me in,try anything once 🙂

  10. cms528

    These plugs are made of jelly and shouldn’t be used on anyones butt, as they are porous and therefore not thoroughly cleanable. You should really reconsider this giveaway, it won’t contribute to the sexual health of anyone here, and from my own experience I know that these toys are good for a few experiments and then will be quickly discarded by anyone in their right mind.

    • Cara Sutra

      As this is an anal starter bundle, ‘a few experiments’ seems perfectly right for this. If they are good for that, and to intro people to a new way to stimulate their body which they either haven’t had a chance to try before or have been wary to try, then I will encourage that in any way possible.

      If you have any other issues about these or any other sex toys, I recommend approaching the company who actually manufactures them to voice your concerns.

      Thanks for your comment.
      – Cara Sutra

  11. sarah

    seems like a wonderful set of items to begin trying anal

  12. Dark Inferno

    Got to be in it to win it.

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  14. Tim

    This will be a great way to introduce anal play to my wife.

  15. mrs sharron page

    would love to try this with my husband on our anniversary

  16. Mark Chamberlin

    If I win this will be a great gift for my friend Kristina 🙂 those Slovakians love this sort of thing :0

  17. Kevin

    These look like a great addition to the arsenal of pleasure toys 🙂

  18. Tim

    Another awesome contest! You have one of the best blogs around and my wife and I love reading it together. Keep up the great work!

  19. Ksenia

    I would love to win this.

  20. tre 1980

    These would be fun to try out

  21. Cheryl Kean

    fun for my hubby…. hopefully 😉

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  23. Karen DeGraaf


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