Sex News: Durex launch ‘Turn Off to Turn On’ campaign for Earth Hour

Turn the electronics off and turn your partner on


Durex are going eco friendly and hyper aware on the 29 March as they join in with the global campaign: Earth Hour. They invite you to Turn Off to Turn On and help stop, at least for a little while, the worrying trend that many couples have of bringing their electronics with them into the bedroom, into their sex life and infiltrating all areas of their relationship.

For a whole hour, Durex are asking you to do something quite dramatic: turn off all your electronics. The hour in question is from 8.30pm on 29 March 2014.

It’s an hour for the Earth. Of interest to all humankind. You know what else is of interest? Sex. Passion. Intimacy. Closeness. Turn off the laptop, put the phone down, turn the telly off and rediscover your partner.

Durex were also kind enough to send me a Durex Sexy Survival Kit to help me through the hour…

Sexy Survival Kit



Unfortunately these Sexy Survival Kits are not a UK promotion, but I will add buy links as and when I find them. You have the chance to get your hands on some of these goodies shown above though, see the call for reviews below.

The only other thing left to do is to switch off electronics for at least an hour from 8.30pm on 29 March 2014, grab your partner and concentrate on enjoying the moment, Durex-style.


You can join the conversation on Twitter by following hashtag #TurnOffToTurnOn.

Find out more about the international event Earth Hour at the WWF site here, as well as’s dedicated Earth Hour page here.

Thank you to Durex for supplying the information on their latest campaign as well as a Sexy Survival Kit for my perusal.

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Free Sex Toys, Condoms & Goodies for review

As you can see above, I have a box of Durex goodies which are now sat by my desk. See more detailed images in the gallery below. I have owned the majority of these items before in the past and it seems a waste to just either open them and use them again when I don’t really need them – or worse, to have to dispose of them in some way.

Therefore, I am offering the chance for reviewers to come forwards and volunteer to review items from the kit for me please. You can comment below, or email me at The review will go in my reviews area here (with backlink to you, social media pointers and full attribution), but you can put an alternate version on your own site (let’s avoid duplicate content!) and I’m not too strict on timings or word counts or any of that type of stuff.

Here’s the full list of items, I will cross them off as they’re volunteered for:

Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels

Durex Play O Orgasm Enhancing Gel

Ann Summers Chocolate Body Paint

A vanilla scented candle – with lid

Mutual Climax Ribs and Dots Condoms x10

Pleasure Me Ribs and Dots Condoms x12

Pleasure Touch Vibrations bullet vibrator

Delight Vibrating Bullet sex toy


I look forward to hearing from you. Remember, just comment below or email me to volunteer to review items.


– Cara Sutra


  1. What a great campaign! My fiance and I watch way too much TV and have no choice at the moment but to have the TV in our bedroom, but I hate it. When we had our apartment, we didn’t have a TV in the bedroom, and I will get it out of here once we’re living in our own place again. I honestly think that having the TV in the room is what keeps us from having more sex.

    • See I do slightly disagree with that. I find us using a lappy in the bedroom means we can watch more porn etc when in bed! Great addition to the back ground!

  2. i love the idea of just sex notoys getting back to basics mmm now will the wife agree we will see lol great blogs by the way xx

  3. i would love to give the orgasm gel or the bullet a try, after 7 years together its time to spoce up our relationship 😉 xx

    • Thank you, have you written any product reviews for anything before? I’d just need a few paragraphs from you on email after you’ve used an item to let my readers know some feedback if that’s ok – and a mark out of ten for it. If that all sounds good, please email me and I can arrange an item sent out to you.
      – Cara x

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