The Great Big ‘Stepping into Christmas’ Competition

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There’s another amazing bundle of sex toys, lube and sexy goodies to win in this week’s:

 Stepping into Christmas competition!

The star prize is the brand new rechargeable rabbit vibrator from Bondara as well as a 250ml bottle of Bondara Body Lube… but that’s not all…

What you can win

First Prize

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The star prize:

A rechargeable rabbit vibrator from Bondara, one of the brand new products

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How to enter

If you were writing a book about Christmas, what would the first paragraph be?

Comment with the first paragraph of what would be YOUR Christmas book.

It can be as long or short as you wish, it could be a rhyme or just standard writing. You can comment multiple times, as many as you like before competition closes.

Winners will be judged on the merit of their imaginative and entertaining entries!

Just a bit of festive fun – no stress 🙂

For additional entries, RT this competition tweet and follow Bondara, Give Lube and myself on Twitter!

Competition Details

This competition ends 29 November when the winners will be chosen & announced below in the comments and on Twitter.

The competition is open worldwide.

I would ask that winners get in touch with their details within two weeks of competition closure, or new winners shall be selected.

Good luck everyone… let’s get this Christmas thing started!

– Cara Sutra

Prize Gallery


  1. Maxine stayed up late all christmas eve. She had heard that animals talk after midnight on Christmas Day and she had always wanted to hear what her cat Puss might have to say. The clock chimed midnight and she looked at Puss. PUss took a deep breath.

  2. On the twelfth day of Christmas,
    my true love sent to me
    Twelve drummers rimming,
    Eleven pipers peeing,
    Ten lords a-lactating,
    Nine strippers dancing,
    Eight maids a-lactating,
    Seven swans a-squirting,
    Six MILFs a-laying,
    Five golden cock rings,
    Four sexting birds,
    Three French whores,
    Two turtled lovers,
    And a My True Love in a pear tree!

  3. This year Christmas was cancelled. The children awoke that morning to find the tree turned to ash disintegrating on the living room floor, baubles strewn across the room patted listlessly by the black cat, his ‘Santa Claws’ bandana shredded by some unseen hand around his neck.

  4. Everyone sat around the Christmas tree desperate to open their presents from Santa but someone was making them wait. Dad again! every year he delayed the entire family from opening anything until he’d had his usual cup of tea. He really enjoyed making us wait for as long as possible but little did he know……

  5. Another lonely Xmas Eve, yes I had received all the usual xmas lunch invites, not quite the same as the sparkle of waking up xmas morning and sharing the moment with someone. Oh well I still had the present to myself, lucky i just happened across the Cara Sutra site a few weeks ago I mused. Slipping into a favourite fantasy the doorbell suddenly rang, Maybe the magic of Xmas was coming my way after all……..

  6. Ok, I’ve been getting creative juices flowing, hold tight!

    Captain’s log, stardate 43513.7. In celebration of the Earth religious and cultural holiday, Christmas, Lieutenant Commander Franklin has decided to hold a party for the crew in the style of the Ancient West. Instead of the traditional conifer tree, we will be decorating cacti sourced from the planet Pizolki IV and Counsellor Snarf will be leading a children’s choir to sing rousing ancient western ditties about the Christmas cherub and red nosed buffalo. I, for one, will be pleased to accompany the choir with my Earth flute and Ensign La’ark will be bringing up the rear with his refilkun. Surely a great day awaits us.

  7. Sitting alone in his tree, Shiny held his novelty snowflake tightly and wished with all his might for snow, just once, this Christmas. You see, Shiny had never seen snow in all of his life. He’d heard the tourists talk about this wonderful fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky and covers everything in sight in a soft bouncy blanket. He longed to jump from his tree, and his fall be broken by a cloud of white fuzziness in which he could make snow angels and throw snowballs at his friends. He wished so hard for snow, that as Shiny drifted off to sleep that night, the gods wondered whether it might be time to make this little koala’s dreams come true….

  8. Bright light, bright light! is all I could think, as the long forgotten sunlight flooded into our box. “Well hello my little friends, long time no see,” said Henry, lifting us gently out into the garishly decorated lounge. Well at least he’s made more of an effort this year, I thought, spying the huge tree which was to become my home for the next few weeks. I could see this year’s new intake already in place on the branches, and wondered how far up I would get to reside this year; maybe I’d be high enough up to not constantly be attacked by Muffin and her vicious claws. And that’s when I heard the noise, the noise that was to haunt this year’s shift, and make me wish Henry had left me buried amongst the old books and ladders in the loft. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”.

  9. Suzanne let the silk blouse drop from her shoulders as Gerome deftly caressed her neck, tracing her jawline with his strong fingers and gently suckling on her earlobes. The inside of the ladies’ toilets at Silk Road didn’t exactly scream romance, but Suzanne didn’t care; the way Gerome had been getting her worked up all night at Harborough’s Christmas do, they could be fucking in amongst the bins in the alley behind the club and she wouldn’t have cared. Since when do IT nerds know how to do THAT?! she wondered, as Gerome removed her specially purchased sucky-in pants and promptly went to work on her engorged clit.

  10. Billy sat quietly in the cellar pondering how he was going to take his revenge on the world for what they had done to him, when he heard Sally calling him “Billy it’s quarter to 11 on Christmas eve, don’t you think it is about time you thought about what you are buying me as a present?”. Billy groaned, Sally, his long suffering, and totally imaginary, girlfriend could be so demanding sometimes.

  11. The snow fell, the bells rang and all around her children squealed and sang, this was going to be the Christmas that meant something

  12. Loving the book openings so far! Keep them coming.

    They can be as serious or silly as you like, they can rhyme or not rhyme and they can be totally rubbish or epically genius.

    You decide! I just want to hear from you, something festive.

    Good luck everyone! xx

  13. Mark pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven. “Kevin, does this look done to you?”
    “Yeah, that’s done.”
    Mark carried the gingerbread over to the table and set it down to cool. “What do you think Santa is bringing us this year?”
    “I don’t know, Mark, but I asked him for a prostate stimulator. I hope he likes the gingerbread cookies and the eggnog we made.”

  14. Outside the church, bitter winds howled in perfect counterpoint to the holiday festivities. They sang “Silent Night” with candles lit, a vigil against hate, against sadness, against everything that damps the human spirit. Every musical phrase that day set my soul alight, because the night before, my lover sang to me for the first time.

  15. The soft snow resembled glitter as it fell close to the nearby street light. Hannah always got lost in the magic of the Christmas season, filled with a peace only this time of year could bring. The window seat in her bedroom was her favorite spot in the house, especially during the winter months. Nothing heightened her senses like the feel of the icy window against her warm flesh. Tonight she let down her guard and freed her porcelain skin while she sat there, fully exposed yet covered by the darkness of the room.

    A glance at the clock caused butterflies to soar inside of her. Dylan was due to arrive at any point and the very thought made goosebumps spread to the other half of her body. It had been months since they were able to spend a night together, and the anticipation was growing to be more than she could bear. She slipped two fingers between her silky folds and let out a gasp….

  16. I awoke abruptly to a loud crash coming from the living room. My initial thought was that the cat had tried to climb the Christmas tree again and knocked it over. As my tired eyes adjusted to the dimly lit surroundings of my bedroom, I realised she was curled up fast asleep at the foot of the bed.
    “Maybe I imagined it,” I thought. “What if I didn’t?”
    A shiver as cold as the thick snow covering the windowsill ran down my spine. Reaching for the phone on the nightstand I quickly tried to call my husband at work.
    No answer.
    I was too embarrassed to try calling anybody else, what if it turned out to be just a dream after all? I had to be sure. I carefully slipped out from under my duvet and crept onto the landing. I held a deep breath as I anxiously descended the stairs.
    Upon entering the living room I gasped at the sight of a man wearing a Santa Claus costume, with a large red sack in his grip as he placed bundles upon bundles of sex toys under the tree.
    He turned towards me and a familiar voice growled through his white nylon beard, “You’re not supposed to be up yet”. I caught a glint of lust in my husband’s eyes as he added, “Naughty girl.”

  17. There is always that one present. You know the one I mean. You’ll find it at the very back of the tree, a few hours after all the other present have been opened. It is often more than an arms length from reach, and you’ll have to stretch that extra bit to get it. Only to find that it has no owner. The tags fallen off somewhere along the way, and is nowhere to be seen. You can try figure out who it might belong too, or even who it’s from? Ahh the wrapping paper, it was on other presents… Wasn’t it? But who’s? Eventually you hand it to someone, but your never one-hundred percent sure if it is theirs. Time will tell as they peel it open… and so she did, my girlfriend that is, infront of the whole family: her parents, her little sister, my parents, and my older brother, his girlfriend, and her parents, and to top it all off, my grandmother. Well after much debate over who owned this lone present, off came the wrapping paper to reveal… An extra large, 7 speed, rampant rabbit (orgasm guaranteed). My girlfriends parents looked at me, I looked at my brother, his girlfriends parents looked at him, and so he looked back at me. Wife’s turned to husbands, girlfriends turn to boyfriends. My girlfriends little sister expressed how ‘cool’ it looked, and asked ‘what does it do?’ WAIT!!! There’s a card attached to the box… Turns out grandmother has a secret admirer.

    Someday we’ll laugh about the story of ‘that Christmas Day when gradmother got a sex toy’… But that day is not today, and certainly not within the next 10 to 20 years!

  18. My eyes open suddenly and start to dart back and forth across the dark room as I sit up in bed. I look over at the alarm clock… it’s only 6 in the morning. The other half of the bed is empty, and a lonely feeling envelopes me.
    “But it’s Christmas morning,” I sigh.
    It was Chase’s and my first Christmas together; we had just gotten married back in June. And he just had to be gone that day, probably got called in to work.
    I pull the blankets off and walk over to the window, watching in amazement as the crisp, white flakes fall gently to the ground, creating a thick blanket over the town. All of a sudden, I feel two arms wrap closely around my waist, a warm breath on my neck. A surge travels up and down my spine, pulsing through my entire body. It was Chase; he hadn’t left me after all. As my heart races and my legs turn to jello, he starts to plant gentle kisses on my neck, and whispers softly in my ear “Are you ready for your first Christmas present?”

  19. I lay sound asleep on the morn of Christmas Day. Suddenly a creak down stairs startled me. I shot up as quick as a flash, my back rigid, I was frozen in time. Too scared to move, my eyes darted around the room to make sure I was still alone. Luckily the neighbors Christmas lights blinked strong enough to illuminate my room through my blinds, just enough for me to see. I was alone, for now. Another creak! I snapped my head round to the door. This one was definitely closer. Was someone on the stairs? I still couldn’t move. Shock and fright had taken over my body. What to do? I was home alone. James, my boyfriend, was stuck at his house, 6 miles away. Thick snow had made it impossible for us to see each other this week. Staring at the door, I struggled to remove my gaze from the handle, my breathing was heavy. Had I remembered to lock the back door last night? A few minutes pasted by of sillence. Was it all in my head? I relaxed my eyes from the door the handle, calmed my breathing. Finally I mustered up the strength to move my legs out of the bed and stand up. I’ll not get back to sleep again if I don’t investigate. I took a step towards the door, and the handle moved and the door swung open. I went to scream but nothing came out! “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know… “Played softly down stairs. My heart pounded so vigorously in my chest that it physically hurt. I stepped out of my bedroom, inched towards the stairs, and crept down. “With every Christmas card I write…” The kitchen light was on, so I moved in that direction. As I got closer the kitchen table came into view. A small square box wrapped in gold paper, with a red ribbon tied in a bow, sat upon it. I stepped into the kitchen and inspected the four corners… There was no-one in sight. I inspected the box, the gold paper almost gleaming. Holding the box I twirled to exit the kitchen… I must have leapt a mile, and my scream must have nearly broke every glass in the house. James was on one knee in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear. He looked at me and said “I couldn’t sleep. I was too busy dreaming… Of a White Christmas.”

  20. I’d only just nodded off to sleep, when my phone alarm softly buzzed. The joys of having kids I guess. They stay up until 10 over flowing with excitement, and then they can’t get settled, too scared that they might be awake when Santa comes! You finally get into bed and then it’s time to get up. Quietly go to the living room, bring toys down from the attic, build various bits and bobs… Eat a cookie and have some milk. Oh and don’t forget to take a lump out of that carrot. I sighed and went to wake John… But I couldn’t? The bedside light flicked on. It was too bright, but once my eyes adjusted and I tried to wriggle some more, I realised that red silk ribbon held me to the four corners of the bed. John stood, fully clothed. “What are you doing?!” I shouted in a hushed tone. “Well it is Christmas Day? So I’m giving you my present. From me to you?” he whispered back. The ensuite door opened, right on que, and out stepped 4 well hung men. “I’ll go take care of the Santa Clause stuff.” John muttered as he walked out the door, closing it tight behind him. I lay speechless as the men circled me, and climbed onto the bed. Their hands ran all over my body. Grasping at my bra, pulling it to the side and pinching my hard nipples. I didn’t even realise my pants had been ripped off me, until that first cock slid into my dripping wet pussy! It wasn’t hard to keep quiet as my mouth soon became full with a plump penis. The other men undone my wrists from the restraints and pulled the palms of my hands onto their cocks. I wrapped my fingers around their shafts and started wanking them off, finding it very difficult to keep a solid rhythm as I tried my best to give a blowjob while being pounded, and having my clit and nipples rubbed by the men who’s cocks I had in my hands. I never was great at multi-tasking, but I had all night to figure it out…

  21. Me and Emily where trying for our first child, so I decided to try give her the best Christmas present ever! I got out of bed as slowly and as softly as I could. Emily twitched and moaned softly as I stood up and the springs squeaked in the mattress. I tiptoed as quiet as a mouse to the wardrobe and gently pulled the door open. I slipped on the red pants that I had modified earlier by taking a pair of scissors to the crotch. Placed my feet into my heavy black boots. Buttoned up the red coat. Next the red hat and finally the white beard. I moved back to the bedside and started stroking my cock, that dangled from my crotchless trousers. I slowly took the blanket off Emily and carefully placed my hand down her pants to rub her clit. She slowly started to moan in her now half awake, half sleeping state, and I could feel her pussy get moist. My cock was now rock hard and I was very close to completion, and so was Emily by the sound of it. I quickly jumped on top of her, and slid my cock between her legs. I bounced up and down on the bed, my cock sliding in and out of he wet vagina. She woke quickly as she climaxed. “Santa Came! Santa Came!” I shouted as I ejaculated inside her and she orgasmed with my throbbing cock inside her.

  22. Ellie rolled over, fighting off the wakefulness that was attempting to steal her from her dreams. Normally she could snuggle right back in to her duvet and claim another couple of hours of blissful slumber, but today something was stopping her. What was it? Tingles of excitement ran through her body as she realised – it was Christmas day! She leaped out of bed, causing her large, grumpy cat Felix to slink out of his previously comfy spot in a fit of disdain for any kind of excitement. Ellie didn’t care though. She ran downstairs, not bearing to wait for her family to join her. There was one present she needed to open alone. A small, rectangular box, wrapped in brown paper – the kind of present she would have looked over in disdain as a child in favour of the larger, more colourful boxes. But now she knew better – this wasn’t any badly chosen gift from distant relatives. This present was special. She hesitated a moment, her hands trembling as she held the rustling package before slowly unfolding the paper. As she could finally get rid of her anticipation, confusion rushed over her. What she held in her hands wasn’t what had she expected; it didn’t make any sense. Felix wrapped around her legs as she stood there immobilised; this was going to be a strange Christmas…

  23. After nine years, she was still trying to figure out a new Christmas. It was hard for her family to understand, in part because they simply couldn’t and in part because she faked her way through any interaction. But chronic pain and disability demand attention. They had stolen her idea of Christmas, and each year she approached the season with dread. From the very simple after of shopping in stores for gifts, to the physical impracticalities of spending hours together, slowly opening gifts, every act was different.

  24. She was all alone this year at Christmas, she didn’t really mind as it was a great time to spend some quality time to just be good to herself. It was Christmas eve and she ran herself a lovely hot bath with some gorgeous Christmas smelling bath treats. Candles by the bath and a nice warm glass of mulled wine…..heaven! After her bath she was so tired and she went to bed and dropped off into the deepest slumber, so deep she didn’t hear a sound, not even Cara Clause dropping off her prize and putting it under the tree……..

  25. She looked at herself in the mirror, and she knew she looked sexy, the black basque, thong and fishnet stockings, topped off with high heels and a red garter, her glossy red hair falling over her shoulders. The scene was set, the fire was roaring, the scented candles lit, a bottle of red wine, open and ready to pour, she was a picture of sex itself, it was perfect. All that was missing was her Santa, would he turn up and make her Christmas magic or would she be alone with her rabbit as she had been so many times before? She was hoping this time they could share her toys! All she could do was wait. She was trembling with anticipation of the night that lay ahead.

  26. As she looked out at the twinkling stars Carol knew there was going to be a visitor that evening. She held her breath in anticipation just as the snow began to fall. Carol smiled to herself before realising it must be getting late. She glanced at her watch and then it hit her – She had forgotten to carefully lay some mince pies, brandy & a carrot out for the visitor. Firstly she hurried to the cupboard to fetch a carrot. She hesitated for a second then lifted two carrots, she had plans for the second one.

  27. she wished she could share just one more christmas with her father but her wish wasnt granted she can only make this a reality in her dreams

  28. She watched the snow falling outside the window and huddled further into Scott’s sweater. The mug of mulled wine she cradled in her hands shook gently as she remembered the year before, but she knew that was all in the past now.

  29. as she sat waiting tapping the table waiting for him to come to let the fun begin…. she was sat dressed up like a present for him to unwrap of course!

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