Summer Dreams

Today’s 365: something a little different.

I am combining the Toy with me Tuesday meme with my 365 project.

The recently reviewed BodyStar massager/vibrator from Rocks Off provides a wonderful centrepiece to this shower shelf, with echoes of a summer at the beach.

 Do you agree? Comments welcome below!

Toy with me Tuesday

5 Responses to “Summer Dreams”

  1. Jane

    Very beachy. It makes me yearn for a tropical holiday – and the vibrator, of course! Jane x

  2. UberKinky

    Fab! Fitting too, I just booked tickets to visit my family back home on the South Texas Coast. Six Weeks from now I will be on the beach eating the Mexican Food I miss so much here in the UK!

  3. ThatPosition

    Oh, it’s so Cute ! I love it:) you can put it in your travel bag and nobody will even notice that it is a Sex Toy;) not like me, when I put by accident a Strawberry Lick Dick 😉 you can imagine the faces at the airport !:) but you won’t have that problem with this one 🙂 really nice:)

  4. Blacksilk

    Good lord, that looks worryingly like a Pokemon. Specifically Staryu. See?

  5. True Pleasures

    Oh my goodness… I need that vibe, if only to decorate my review office with it.. I’m going for a sea-ish theme, and that would just be awesome. Love the photo!


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