With my changing body due to pregnancy I think it’s healthy that I take part in photographic projects like this, building my self esteem. They help to provide a sense of self confidence and that I am still sexually alluring even on days when I feel lumpy, unattractive, mottled, bleh and just generally not sexy.

All I can say is thank goodness for filters! But here we are, a triple whammy of the part of my body I am still confident about at the moment, thanks to the hormones they are growing, and growing, and growing… as you can work out from the thinly disguised title of this post.

I hope you enjoy the pictures…

4 Responses to “Fully Fertile”

  1. Honey Flick

    Woah Hot Mama! Sexy, beautiful, alluring and perfect. X

  2. Rox and Steve

    Great boo… photos Cara! Very sexy :p

  3. Dave :)

    You are beautiful !!!! Wish you lowered your hands.


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