Squeezing the lube onto a warm finger tip.

Seeing the clear substance pool.

Spreading legs, feeling for that puckered place of mine.

Laid on my back, legs spread, slut like, naked whore, good and ready.

Feeling down, careful not to spill the liquid, the vehicle to ease the transition from innocent to filthy.

Finger presses on the tight rosebud of flesh, pressing inwards, feeling the sudden cold against the hot skin there.

Two fingers on the inside, warming, stretching, easing, lubing.

My other hand clutches the glass plug, pre-warming to body temperature.

Ready to insert.

Moving it into place, pressing the tip firmly against my entrance.

Feeling myself open up slowly, the liquid coating my flesh inside and out easing it inside.

Shame spreads at the ease of the motion, yes, you’ve done this before, slut.

Pressing, harder, harder.

Not too fast, savour the sensation of entry.

Feeling the insertion reach maximum width, stretched over the unyielding glass… then sucked all the way in, to the hilt before the flare.

A wipe to wash fingers.

The lube set back on the bedside cabinet.

Especially extra tight knickers pulled up my legs, hitched up a little too high on the hips. Jeans follow.

Bra and t-shirt thrown on from the wardrobe.

I am ready to go about my Wanton Wednesday now.

Filthy, filled… fucked? Hopefully later.




See who else is being wanton this Wednesday…

5 Responses to “Filthy, Filled and Wanton”

  1. Rubik101

    Hi Cara. I follow you on Twitter and regularly look at your links. You write like I do! If you would like me to review your books, please let me know. A .pdf draft will do. I am happy to post them wherever you ask me to. I promise to be honest though!

  2. Jack and Jill

    Such intense, urgent words! The vividness with what you describe the insertion of the plug is exciting and enables us to almost visualize it. Enjoy your Wednesday. 😉

  3. KaziGrrl

    Mmmm… love the description! and I am a fan of glass plugs too 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Curvaceous Dee

    Now that’s purely lovely – and very wanton indeed!

    xx Dee

  5. US Kink

    Well that got me hard!


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